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Saturday, 21 April 2018


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I know Charles is next in line, but does he really want the keys to the Big House all that badly? If the succession line skipped a generation, well, it just might liven things up!

Whitewall. You can't just skip a generation, these things are written into law and known collectively as Acts of Succession.

"...I suspect that most of the 'wealth' for them emanates from dear old 'Blighty' - or me, as I like to think of it!"

Why not just write "'L'etat c'est moi'"? Come to think of it, you are at war with the rest of Europe in your own way. Hmmmmm.

Pas comme ça, Bob, and I would remind you that it is the rest of Europe that is at war with us - so no change there then!

It might be English, but it was the mainly the Scots and the Irish who went out there and pacified the blighters in the first place.

Yeeeeees, 'W', but only with the encouragement of English bayonets!

Raps, I see. It would have been more helpful if I had said something like- Charles step aside voluntarily. If that is allowed before the Queen passes.

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