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Sunday, 15 April 2018


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David, I have the impression that those Aussies are living "rent free" in your mind? Cricket still got you down?

Amadeus is a brilliant film which I enjoyed immensely. It was great that a playwright and then a film director took a classical composer as their subject. It's just a shame that a base libel on Salieri has since endured.

(Sigh) I know, Mike, those bloody writers are all the same, look at what that Bill Shakespeare did to poor, cuddly Richard III! Ah well, a little invention is always necessary to tell a good yarn.

True. What impressed me about Salieri is that he taught such composers as Schubert, Beethoven and Liszt. Can't have been that second rate. Still, villains make much better copy than saints. Have you ever read The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey? It makes a compelling case on behalf of Richard III.

No, Mike, I haven't read that one although I know the name and good reputation of Josephine Tey. Mind you, old Bill's version is terrific!

Oh were Bill around today to write that one!

David, lay off The Church. They've changed over the years:

have a pint of Fosters on me!

Duffers we don't drink that crap just export it to gullible drongoes who think it is the quintessential Aussie beer.

As for the young Jewish chap not being allowed to wear a kippah in a museum set up in honour of a young Jewish girl I am not surprised. Doing so may have offended the sons of the prophet who we all know must be appeased at any cost.

"Maggie Macron", my arse.

There's only one "Baby Thatcher", as he was known for his politics and young age starting in politics, who also believes the Franco-German axis dominating Europe should cease to be, who stood side-by-side with Farage in outrage at the Selmayr putsch, who thinks NS2 is dangerous, and supported the strikes on Syria while wishing the EU could do strikes on Syria itself ...

"Good Guy" Verhofstadt.

But we can't link up with him to counter-attack the Franco-German pact and NS2 because ...


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