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Sunday, 29 April 2018


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About the TSB mess.

I thought "yerdie-durbles" were the Swedes. The Norwegians are really quite different.

Yes I know the Nobble Prize [no it is not a spelling error] is Norwegian but every country is allowed at least one eccentricity. I mean you have at least two - Jezza and that indescribable dwarf and Speaker of the House of Commons, Marcow.

I won't even start to list ours.

You're a little ahead of the situation, David. So far all the PRNK have delivered are some nicely staged PR events. This will make the 12th time they've promised to denuclearize.

O'bama was awarded the Nobel PP simply because his skin is brown and his politics red.

Gracie, Ortega, it made me smile but not for long!

'Yerdie-durbles' are whatever I decide they are, AussieD, and I am a whimsical fellow!

Bob, 'according to reports', they have invited foreign experts to inspect their (non)nuclear (in)facilities!

You might say that, Whiters, I couldn't possibly comment - but I can and do nod my head vigorously!

Günther Hermann Oettinger? A fine Italian gent I'm sure!

David, the lady columnists in your life have turned on you:

"Ann Coulter: Trump is a ‘shallow, lazy ignoramus’"

In the immortal words of Popeye, "Wimmens is fickle."

I'm given to understand David, TBS bought out a controlling interest in Typepad. And now you tell us you can't access TBS either?

Whitewall, always found it strange that people who have waged wars or manufactured munitions get a peace award.

Jimmy, a bit odd for sure. It seems there is usually one precondition for peace to break out...War! In Obama's case, he simply descended from the Left's "Mount Olympus" as god among mortals.

Whitehall, It would seem that having a War Award would not go down well with the Holywood sect although they make megabucks from it.

Shame Oettinger can't call Blighty out for its illiberal deportation of the Windrush immigrants (no mention of that scandal in D&N, btw, the newborn People's Republic of Blighty airbrushes like the best of 'em), and the murder of Alfie.

Oettinger ain't no angel of course - see section entitled "Controversies" ...

See, that's how you get the best out of politicians: Smash them into each other like atoms, and you get to see the truth inside from the particles that fly apart.

You voted to remove one very useful particle accelerator and collider from the gamut of our protections on 23rd June 2016.


I didn't realise Alfie was murdered!


Alfie wasn't dead already before the decision to turn his life support off was made by the NHS, otherwise how come he died several days later?

Therefore, he was alive when that decision was taken by the NHS. And the killing took place in spite of the fact that the parents had a cost free (to the NHS) offer of continuing his life elsewhere, which was denied them.

Under such circumstances I would suggest murder is an appropriate categorization of the killing?


Loz, the Windrush is just the usual political diversion. The problem was identified two years ago and not one politician stood up in the Commons nor did a trade union representitive cry out. The real scandel will be when false claimants for compensation are identified and then we will have the usual rascist claims.

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