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Wednesday, 23 May 2018


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"Stockman, the 'hero', begins as a saint but ends as an egomaniac". I think there is a fine line between the two especially if the 'saint' part is self assigned. A woman lead might only see herself as less saintly!

Don't tell anyone I wrote that...

Can’t wait for Heda Gabler as a transgender musical.

Duffers I don't think I'd ever heard of Henrik Ibsen until I read your post.

Seems a bit heavy.

Whiters, the usual cheque in the post - or else!

Peter, for God's sake, keep your voice down!

AussieD, you have missed out on one of the truly great playwrights, albeit, an exceedingly tough one! Bit by bit he strips away the camouflage that people wear and exposes the festering faults below the surface. I was once lucky enough to direct "Ghosts" and the more I worked on it the more my admiration grew - although that was tempered by some of the philosophy that, by implication, he espoused. He was a contemporary and an admirer of Frederik Nietzsche - need I say more?!

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