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Saturday, 05 May 2018


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David, It was because they were ordinary men and their souls were secured for eternity.

our Summers only last a day then it's back to the grey, windy, drizzly rain!

This is one of the cleverest misinformation moves in human history meant to keep visitors to "Old Blighty" down to a minimum and preserve the place for its full time inhabitants.

In the sum of my trips to the UK I could count the number of days of rain on my fingers without having to repeat. Even when I ventured way up north to have a look at Scapa Flow the sun was shining and the wind but a zephyr. Even the dreaded passage between John o' Groats and South Ronaldsay was like a mill pond.

Pity it doesn't work on the "Hairies"

Shhhhh, AussieD, you'll give the game away!

If I can ever manage a plane ride for the hours it takes, my plan is to plant myself in the city of Bath- rain or shine! David has undone himself with his links to various towns and attractions he and the 'Memsahib' have visited. Can't fool me!

Whitewall the trip from the US to UK is a doddle. Try Oz to the UK - flying time around 24 hours.

Whiters, Bath is an exceedingly attractive old town but now I wouldn't go near the place. Like so many other cities in 'this septic Isle', the traffic is unbelievable and parking impossible!

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