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Friday, 18 May 2018


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I know PM has some awful health issues and it is fine to dislike someone and disagree with them but good heavens Aunt Clara...he has simply given in to complete and utter derangement! To keep that intensity of emotion driven bile is not normal. I believe he is simply "tore up from the floor up"!

And that site is haunted by that ghastly little toad, Peter G.....(I had forgotten him).

Yes, Whiters, his 'TDS' is almost reaching hysteria levels which is a pity because if he could only calm down he might have something interesting to say.

Ah yes, Mike, shall we ever forget PeterG? A amn who could bore for Canada at the Olympics.

As Whitewall writes, PM Carpenter has some serious health issues and is on strong medications, so I can't knock him without reservation. However, since before he told his readers about his medical problems he has been an unreconstructed Clinton Democrat. That means to some extent he supports triangulation; a strategy in which a party never takes a strong stand that might antagonize either the left or right. It's a cowardly strategy that's handed power to the most extreme elements of the Republican right.

Bernie (not Barnie) probably can't win a majority of voters, but supposedly neither could Trump. And Bernie actually believes many of the things that carried Trump to a win, like infrastructure spending and universal health care. He is not an American 'Jezza'. There is really no equivalent over here regardless of what the mugs on Fox News Channel insist.

Don't forget that Bernie's brother, Larry, lives in the UK and is a politician there for the Greens, I believe. So you have a Sanders whom you may keep along with some minor actress who is, apparently, marrying into the Royal family.

Thanks, Bob, I have corrected my 'brain-fade' spelling error!

Thanks for the tip, Diplomad, Larry Sanders will feel quite at home here!

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