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Thursday, 10 May 2018


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David, that tie may cover modesty or it could serve as a sling just in case. I have heard that older men sometimes lie about such things.

I should note that Douglas Murray (who organized the competition) made it quite clear that Boris' poem was chosen because his name would give the competition more publicity. In fact, it contains a rhyme which Murray explicitly stated would not be acceptable.


Yes, you can tell I also made a submission to that competition. I admit it. But I've moved on. I'm not bitter. Not in the least.

Whiters, perhaps you could ask that nice gal, 'Stormy'?

Oh come on, Jonathan, you can't leave it there! Send us a copy of your effort, we're all poetry-lovers here at D&N!

I've written a little riposte that Mr. Erdogan might want to use on the occasion of their meeting:

"The Englishman that you call Boris
Despite learning Pliny and Horace
Is so bloody thick
He's not even a prick
He's more of a big girl's cli-toris!"

Oh, well, if you insist. :)

There once was a man named Erdogan,
With two testicles under his gun;
'Till the day he was lured,
To a fight with a Kurd,
And now sadly he has just the one.

The lusty Erdogan built a boat,
To travel across Europe's moat;
But forestalling his plan,
They first made him a man -
They're all happy now, even the goat!

Oh, Reccep is never so brave,
As when teaching the press to behave;
He said "Hard as I shove it,
They don't seem to love it;
Which is strange - this is just what *I* crave!"

Erdogan did not think it so great,
To be dumped by his Viennese Date;
And so, since that day,
He's been seeking a way,
To slip the Turk back through her gate!

When neither for love nor for money,
Could Erdogan's wife get his honey;
Having tired of her toy,
She checked out the pool-boy -
And she noticed he walked kind-of-funny!

There once was a man named Erdogan,
Who couldn't pronounce "Kurdistan";
Which was quite a disgrace,
Because, said to his face,
It produced a terrific hard-on!

With her Erdogan working so late,
To establish his Ottoman state,
His wife had to recourse
To a neighborly source,
And now she's "Too Tired" to mate!

When Erdogan spoke from his heart,
"Kurdistan is just not on my chart!"
But then some helpful chap,
Pointed out on the map,
"It's right there on your nethermost part!"

When Erdogan aspired for fame,
That all might acknowledge his name,
He found his true goal,
In the dictator's role,
But the moustache is not quite the same.

Jonathan Levy

Heavens to Betsy, 'hoonoo' that there was such a wealth of poetic talent lurking here at D&N?


"As far as I know, 'The Donald' is not a literary man."

Wonder no more David, he is a literary man, has a decades old subscription to Playboy which he, I can assure you, buys for the articles.

Obviously, JK, he's a man of taste and discernment!

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