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Tuesday, 15 May 2018


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I think is a splendid, young filly and very much more likely to keep 'Harry the Bounder' under control than any of those well-bred, Anglo-aristocratic, young fillies with whom he used to dally.

Possibly, but that is a sign of our national decline. What used to be good royal mistress material is now considered marriageable. Prince Albert would have sent her a nice diamond brooch and then moved majestically on.

An Arkansian [?] to walk the future Duchess of Sussex down the aisle? Priceless.

I guess the opening line of JK's speech would be something like "Golleee that's a right purty gal you're getting there Harry"

I vote for JK to get the job as I am out on religious grounds.

Whoever walks 'Herself' down the isle will own the first arm that She hasn't been attached to, besides Harry's, in months!

With luck MM will bring some Hollywood pizazz and the wedding will have special effects.

Yep, JK in his overalls and dangles - just the bit of class the whole shebang needs.

Sorry sorry all, I ain't been paying attention to the "who's-who" where a wedding is concerned - matter of fact though I know I was at a few (pictures afterward) I cain't remember any of 'em. Especially either of mine! ... All I know is it took a lawyer, transfers of the deeds to my two hard won empires, and, a whole bunch of further carousing to get shuck of the both of 'em.

Er ... no AussieD, while I probably would get around to remarking on 'er "shininess" first thing an Arkianese asks a nice girl is, "Open your mouth sos I can count your teeth!"

Dentistry is expensive.

One last thought AussieD,

Y'all Aussies know the kindest compliment to a Arkianese lady?

"My, what a beautiful tooth you have!"

From the photos it looks like she has more teeth than Burt Lancaster.

Timbo, I'm shocked, Sir, shocked at your ungallant remark! Needless to say, your invitation to the wedding is hereby cancelled!

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