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Monday, 14 May 2018


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The residents of Palestine were not driven out by the Jews. They left voluntarily on the advice of the Arab League. However a million Jews were forced out of their homes throughout the middle East by the actions of Arab governments. When the Arabs give credible promises of a safe return for these people it will be fair to consider a home for the grandchildren of those who chose to leave Palestine.
Note that the 14m Indians displaced during partition have made new lives for themselves and are not clamouring to return. Likewise the ethnic Germans expelled from Czechoslovakia, Poland and Russia after the second world war. The problem has persisted in the middle east because the members of the Arab League confined the people they had told to leave Palestine in camps, not accepting them as citizens.
Briefly the Arab league acted in bad faith, the past residents of Palestine believed the wrong people.

I think La Mcdonagh should do a bit of back ground research before spouting off.

This : The Vanquished (Why the First World War failed to end, 1917-1923) by Robert Gerwarth gives a good background to the complexity of this specific ishooe.

Kind regards

The Palestinian Arabs have a natural talent for choosing the wrong side. This was illustrated by the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. They could have fought alongside their Kuwaiti hosts; instead they celebrated the Iraqi success. After Kuwait was liberated, they expelled 300,000 Palestinians.

As I understand it, but am ready to be corrected, Palestine was an artificial concept. Apparently, Hadrian, he of the wall, was the governor of Judea and wanted to show those pesky Jews who the boss really was. Asking who were the sworn enemies of the Jews, he wad told it was the Phillistines. To make the ultimate insult, he decided to rename Judea as Phillistinia, later changed to Palestine. If this is true, never ask a Jew. "What did the Romans ever do for us?"

Pretty good Penseivat,

I'd go further (though definitely not clearer) but just now I'm pressed for time as I've run out of beer and must take a drive I may explain later what the legalistic "Arkansas' Dry-Counties" means, if you wish (but David I'm certain can fill you in on that!

As for just the Palestinian Problem I'd humbly recommend listening to the two links (+/- 40 minutes total) I've just left on David's newer post.

*Hint - If y'all overseas (meaning not in the US) experience difficulty getting the audio to be audible - refresh the page. May take a couple of refreshes.

Pat has it right. The Palestinians were not forced out by the Jewish citizens of the new State. They left, believing it to be a temporary inconvenience, and would take over Jewish property after the pesky Jews were eliminated. They picked the wrong side.

Ms McDonagh needs to brush up on her research skills or stop reading Hamas or Fatah propaganda.

But then being a Jew I may be slightly biased.

Happy birthday Israel.

Aussie D, I am not a Jew, although I am a follower of a certain Jewish Carpenter, but the flight of Arabs from what would become Israel was not a mystery, clouded in the mists of time and the fog of war. The broadcast injunctions to get out of the way of the advancing victorious Arab armies from five different nations were heard loud and clear.

The Arabs who remain in Israel have more robust rights than their cousins in the Arab states, as is evident in the outcry, just a few years ago, when it was proposed to make them citizens of various neighboring Arab states, rather than Israeli citizens.

Most Jews in Israel speak Arabic, or at least understand it, and so the Jewish doctors and nurses understand quite well what their Arab patients are saying, as they are cared for in Jewish-run hospitals, after one of the "Palestinian" bombs has exploded. Apparent;y, "Death to the Jews" loses nothing in translation.

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