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Friday, 04 May 2018


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Well, no doubt Farage did a great service for our country. He could have built on that success by remaining as leader to hold the Tory feet to the fire over Brexit.

I wish I could be as optimistic as you about the Tory approach to Remainers from now on. If T May continues to disappoint Leavers, drawing and surrendering Red Lines with even greater abandon than B Obama, will Tory voting Leavers switch to Labour? Or LibDem? Our Prime Appeaser probably thinks she has more to gain by being nice to Remainers...

Perhaps, BOE, he sensed the way the wind was blowing!

'Deccers', this whole Brexit dance is both bewildering and boring. I think I will stick with my original forecast that we will leave the hard way mostly because the 'Euros' will not give us a millimetre of leeway and thus any English attempt to compromise will be wasted. Mind you, that's if the EU itself actually lasts much longer!

Re Farage, my impression is that by the time of the referendum, and indeed the preceding general election,he was exhausted by near 20 years campaigning and herding cats in UKIP. Seems kippers uniting principal is that none of them likes taking orders, not from the EU nor anyone else.
Maybe the bloodletting at leadership level has finally sorted itself out, in which case Farage might re-enter the leadership with a less disunited party. There again maybe not.

Earth move?

If at the very least your bowels aren't moving at the fact that the "new normal" in Blighty is for a sizable proportion of the electorate to vote for Marxism, then, well, either your constitution is sounder than mine or your mind moved elsewhere some time ago.


'SoD', both you and Mr. Fraser Nelson have succeeded in moving my bowels for which, of course, I am duly grateful! (See my latest post)

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