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Tuesday, 08 May 2018


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"as it happens, the older I get the deafer I become." That is called advanced husband hearing.

We treat ourselves to Midsomer Murders, Campion Mysteries, Dorothy Sayers Mysteries and Mrs. Bradley Mysteries. When I get in one of my feudal moods, we might watch To the Manor Born.

"Husband hearing"! Thanks, Whiters, that explains a lot!

Alas, I'm bored rigid with 'Midsomer' but I remember 'To the Manor Born' with some affection. Two top-class lead actors helped that along.

I used to follow several soaps, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Home and Away, but they have changed since about 20 years ago. Eastenders is a pernicious influence and the feminist strain where all the women are strong, drama queens, and the men brutes or buffoons. Coronation Street used to be subtle and understated with a stoic sense of humour but it's particularly fallen prey to the Eastenders influence. I like the characters in Inspector Lynley but the plot lines are a bit rubbish. Likewise the Inspector Alleyn series (from books by Ngaio Marsh). Shetland was good and we both agree about Line of Duty! Endeavour and Grantchester have both become disappointing, I think. Unforgotten is coming back for a third series and that may be watchable. [Yes, I do watch too much telly.]

Britbox is adding more programming, even "bustles and bonnets" stuff. Some of the old shows or old periods are a treat to watch because the actors must use the entire English language with all its proper tenses etc.

Oh yes, Mike, "Line of Duty" was terrific and there's another series shooting now, I believe. Unsurprisingly, I missed 'Unforgotten'. I might have to invest in the DVDs.

I trust, Whiters that you and Lady Whiters dress appropriately!

Just reading the brilliant novel, (again) 'Clochemerle' has instigated the first round of negotation about the winter DVDs we always go for. It's on Amazon's list, and if I can get the Peter Ustinov vesion, it's as good as bought already!

This year's addition to the DVD shelf will also be the whole lot of 'Auf Wiedersehn Pet'...

Never watched Eastenders but used to like Coronation Street until thirty years ago. Is Albert Tatlock still around?

In my swampy area, we have a most wonderful tv station. It shows british shows (and some Aussie ones) 24/7. I am in heaven. There are many I can watch the series once, thoroughly enjoy it, and then I am done. We are 10 years behind with Eastenders and now they are running a story line I don't care for, so I can take it or leave it. Unforgotten is a new one, and it is growing on me. They just changed "seasons" so I am getting used to a new schedule. But I loved Vera, Inspector George Gently, all the different miss marples. Brits do murder so well!

I've been re-watching a private eye series from the 1950's called 'Peter Gunn' that I liked mostly because of the music. Henry Mancini had a big hit with the theme music and every episode featured other cool jazz ('cool jazz' is now considered a genre). The Beat culture references that went over my head before are wonderfully weird.

'Peter Gunn', a classic! Craig Stevens was super classy.

Craig Stevens patterned Peter Gunn after Cary Grant. Sean Connery could have been a fan.

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