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Friday, 04 May 2018


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Duffers, interesting. It has been obvious for some time that the Tory party needs to have a rethink and equally obvious that May is not the person to do it lacking as she does any imagination or principles beyond a sort of instinctive authoritarian incompetence. Or any serious following in the party.

She is making an utter horlicks of the Brexit process (I wouldn't dignify it with the term negotiation) due mainly to not having taken the trouble to apprise herself of the issues at the start. Having performed u turns on everything except those initial mistakes, she is starting to look like a sort of Arafat of whom you will recall it was famously said that he never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

THe tories' main achievement in these elections was some deft expectations management.

"Michael Thrasher, an academic and local authority pollster"? Haven't professional pollsters been surprised lately? If the economy post Referendum is doing so well, why risk things on an emotional half crazed Labor party always looking to fight someone or something for some unknown reason? Maybe "it's the economy stupid" applies there too.

I agree with Whiters, and hope that when it is time for the big decision people will look at the alternative and see sense. The worry is, though, that there are so many illiterate and hormone-driven kids linked to this social network thingie, that they will be swayed by glossy presentation. The one thing that would sort it out long term would be a Labour victory followed by a period of them buggering the economy Venezuela-style. Strong medicine, what? Still, we'll die in poverty, knowing that our country is set for a glorious resurrection!

just for the record...

In the 2012 mid term council elections, Labour led by Miliband gained 823 council seats with a net gain of 22 councils... and yet they still lost the following General Election. Yesterday, Labour led by Corbyn gained 59 seats with a net loss of one council. Puts it into perspective doesn't it?

After the Maybot has handled Brexit - a poisoned chalice if ever I saw one - the blue knife will be plunged between the shoulder blades, leaving the new PM (whoever that turns out to be) enough time to get his or her act together to fight the next election. If Labour haven't ditched Corbyn for someone more moderate by then, they are going to be up to their necks in the brown stuff.

Richard, none of us really know what is going on with the Brexit negotiations. We will know how it ends and we may well walk away. The EU keep using the Irish border issue to cause division however the British should never fear having a hard border with ROI because it is after all just another foreign country.

Re Brexit. May's failing is being too nice. She seeks compromise where none is possible and none is offered. She does not inspire.
This could be a good thing. If the PM is seen to have been reasonable and indeed conciliatory towards the EU then many will blame the EU for the results. But I think that someone more fiery will be needed to conclude matters.
As to domestic politics, again May does not inspire. Corbyn can't even beat her, hence he will never be PM.
We need someone who believes something- beyond their own magnificence.

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