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Monday, 14 May 2018


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David, you will need a very imaginative full length mirror...a bit 'cracked' as they say.

We'll require photographic evidence if you please.

Andra, oh dear NO!

Andra, just click on the link but be warned, the, er, 'chaps' really are drop dead gorgeous!

Ah, Andra, I have just realised that you were seeking photographic evidence of me modelling the Memsahib's bikini. Alas, the camera broke, well, actually it broke down and wept!

All the women thought that "BumBum" was a noun, but the two winning blokes thought that it was a verb.

I got a wee sensation lower region David!

I'll settle for a re-run of you in your long johns. That photo always gets my dander up.

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