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Saturday, 19 May 2018


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Well, they got hitched so it's safe to come out now!

Thank God for that, Whiters, the Cup Final is about to kick off!

I have flown over Australia at night and what a big place it is. There seemed to be one light on somewhere on the northern coast which must have been Darwin and then hours of complete blackness until somewhere near Melbourne.Perhaps the Aussies like to save electricity and turn all the lights out at bedtime.

John, welcome to D&N, and you confirm what I have always thought about Australia, it is 98.5% desert with a population desperately clinging on to the outside edges!

OK Duffers a few stats on Oz. It is 7.692 million square kilometres in size of which area 10% is considered habitable. On the 2016 census results our population is 24.13 million meaning the population density is 3.2 persons per square kilometre. However most people live in the somewhat narrow habitable coastal strip. John's observation is spot on. There is a very large bit of this island continent where there are no lights because there are bugger all people there.

Well done, AussieD, I was expecting a much more, er, 'robust' Aussie response!

G'day Duffers,

I thought it was pretty restrained too. It was my Ward Room response rather than the Lower Deck one I would have given had I not remembered in time that "the Boss", EIIR, has made of me a gentleman.

I am still waiting on my invitation to the wedding.

I think I rank as 'Below Deck'! 

As for the wedding invite, obviously your postman lost it - so you owe him a gallon of grog!  Today I had to plough through to page 30!!!!! in The Mail before I reached any actual news!

I trust preparations for 'The Big Move' are well under way and that you are obeying instructions promptly and to the letter!


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