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Saturday, 26 May 2018


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"It Is Dangerous to Be Right When the Government Is Wrong".
When government becomes master instead of servant.

Lin Zhao 1938-1962, R.I.P.

Much as I dislike unwarranted criticism, is it possible you may have your dates wrong? If she was arrested and imprisoned for 20 years, those dates mean she would have been 4 years old when arrested, not an age when many people have strong political beliefs.

Kevin, slightly careless in my choice of words, sorry. She was *sentenced* to 20 years but, alas, was executed part way through.

Ah! Understood. Authorities aren't renowned for their patience are they?


Exactly. As a certain T Robinson is finding out. Arrested for doing nothing illegal, and now imprisoned for 13 months.

Apparently we live in a "free" society!

Rappers, "T. Robinson"? Who he?

Rappers, truly a slippery slope.

Tommy Robinson was arrested on a charge of obstructing justice because he was filming outside a courtroom. Apparently this is now a crime. Please don't tell the BBC, I'd love to see one of their film crews getting locked up for the same offence.
Only a cynic like me would believe that this was something to do with Mr. Robinson's forthright views on the Muslim neighbours he involuntarily acquired some years ago combined with the fact that the trial in question involved a group of Muslims accused, and since found guilty, of rape on an industrial scale.

Thanks, Pat, I'm with it now.

Your dates are still wrong David. "Lin Zhao 1938-1962" should be "Lin Zhao 1932-1968"

Update on TR. It appears that various naughty foreign sites are not respecting the reporting restrictions imposed by the judge. Who'd have thought it?

Thank you, Frank, alas and alack, my '2' and '8' became muddled - and I hadn't even had a drink!

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