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Friday, 11 May 2018


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It seems to me that the centre page cartoons in The Times and Telegraph are mean spirited.

Lemme shopping on Friday?

I am interested in political cartoons. The best have a spacious lofty feel about them - you feel the cartoonist has an all encompassing wisdom and looks down on human foibles and frailties, perceptively but also with understanding. But poor cartoons are just propaganda. Brookes is rubbish. Don't know if Nick Garland is still around but he used to draw brilliant cartoons for the Telegraph. He was on the left but happy to work at the Telegraph. His account of the founding of the Independent is revealing. They were desperate to get him. But later he went back to The Telegraph. Don't know if you ever saw Timothy Birdsall who used to appear on That Was The Week That Was, drawing a cartoon live. A lovely man, he died at a ridiculously young age.

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