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Monday, 21 May 2018


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"The important question for the rest of us is what are we doing today to remain alert and watchful at the behaviours of our own governments?"

Quite so. Our government has been asked to ensure that we regain our sovereignty from the Germans and their willing allies, and we need to be very insistent that they do exactly that.

what did Germans know of the terror, the discrimination, and the Holocaust by Nazi Germany?

"Crystal Night", cartoons in the papers, signs painted on shop windows, the barring of Jews from participation in the affairs of the country, constant propaganda about sub-humans, neighbours being removed in the night by the SS or Gestapo just to start the list off.

I guess the average German may just have missed all this.

But then even if you were an "ethnic German/Aryan" it was pretty unhealthy to criticize Hitler and the Reich and lots of ethnic Germans also got the disappearing treatment.

One of SWMBO's closest friends who was just a baby in 1938 escaped Nazi Germany with her parents, devout Christians, who opposed Hitler and his tyranny.

It wasn't just us Jews that got it in the neck but anyone opposed to the Nazi State.

You may find this article relevant to this discussion:

During their refugee travels around Germany in the last months of the war the Klemperers encountered and recorded all shades of opinion. It's interesting to note the effect on the German people of all shades of opinion when reality finally arrived in those months.

Not a bit of a surprise. We turn a blind eye to injustices and death in our name now.

"The Germans certainly have a peculiarly militaristic history"

Since 1870 Germany has been involved in 3 wars. Won one and lost two. Whereas Britain in the same time has been involved in 20 plus, and won them all,

In fact there are only 22 countries in the whole world that Britain either hasn't invaded or been a war with.

However, having said that, there is no doubt that the average German knew that is was a trip to the KZ if you dissented, but I don't think most knew of what was going on in places like Sobibor, Auschwitz or Treblinka

A bit pushed for time just at the moment but thank you for your comments, particularly the one from "fos" which took me to one of the most interesting, nay, totally fascinating, blogs I have visited in years! Check it out, People!

That 'fos' link will require multiple readings due to its length and sheer gravity. Just how guilty were the Germans? That has been a lingering question. A cultural guilt has become almost instinctive to the German way of life today as a settled norm. Any settled norm will eventually undergo a revolt by a later generation which is happening now and revolves around the "Sixty Eighters" as they are referred to.

Thank you very much for your kind remarks! Much appreciated.

The cheque's in the post.

Bank draft and special delivery, I trust!

Ahh, nothing like trust I see! Kind of warms the heart.

Whiters, let me remind you that I was a member of that proud, honourable and select group - the second-hand car trade - need I say more?!

AussieD, it was the Jews the Nazi mobsters were really after, the rest were an afterthought.

Jimmy I agree my co-religionists were specifically singled out for special treatment but anyone the Nazis considered sub-human got it in the neck also.

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