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Sunday, 27 May 2018


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"He's made me change my mind".
You mean you keep a spare?

they dunk my body in a vat of wine

Sort of a full bodied red so to speak. As for body farms do they have an equivalent of the one for decomposing composers for decomposing thespians?

re Bercow, I prefer the view of Quentin Letts, the Mail's parliamentary sketch writer who has observed the speaker every day for years. He finds him biased as well as bumptious and self important. The accusations of bullying and obnoxious behaviour from people like the estimable Sir Robert Rogers who retired early, and Black Rod and others can't be ignored. I don't rate a defence from Ken Clarke, either, whose mask of faux geniality has slipped since the referendum. He has a long association with Bercow, who incidentally did not apologise for calling Andrea Leadsome a stupid woman but claimed he said that a motion was stupid - rather different. Sir Lindsay Hoyle the Deputy Speaker demonstrates every time he officiates how much better he would be in the post.

Well David far as your last item (for now 1418 GMT?) coming out "slowly"?

For those amongst us (your cousins) who've run afoul of certain sections of the Patriot Act - pure in heart though "he" surely was - the release of changes to EO 12333 three days before Trump was administered the oath of office for the Presidency elicited furious communications between deep dark Arkansas and our Congressional delegations in Washington DC:

"We who enjoyed previous experience" with this subject matter were keenly aware that, with the widening of the threshold for even more government officials to be given access; The deluge would surely flood us all.

And so it would seem, it has!


An effusive Thankee Kindly Sir for that link to Steyn.

I'd only add to Mr. Steyn's "illuminations" re the 73 year old Stephan Halper that, following Bill Clinton's graduating Georgetown Uni in 1968 he [Bill] received a Fulbright Scholarship to Oxford in England where, the now 73 years old Bill Clinton was a classmate to Stephan Halper.

Small world innit?

Thank you, JK, as always you know which threads to tug!

David, I suggest you will your carcass to Body Worlds for plastination. Why let death stop your career as an ACK TORRR?:

David, Speakers come and go in history. Bercow manages to keep the mad mob in line like his predacessors did. It is just a show for the elected politicians and far from the mundane world where they apparantly represent their constituents.

Off topic but if even half of this is correct then you have a bigger problem in the UK than whether a female can pass the qualifying physical for an infantry soldier.

This morning AussieD, we are not worrying about someone being banged up to protect a load of muslim rapists. No - the lead item on breakfast TV is the naughty people in Northern Ireland being against abortion on demand.

BoE if that sort of treatment is meted out by the so called "authorities" to the ordinary Briton it may be that Kipling's "The wrath of the awakened Saxon" turns out to be a prophesy rather than just verse.

Ordinary people with a history of resisting totalitarian regimes can only be pushed so far.

And soon you'll be locked into that post-Freedom state, with all the exits barred.

Good call 23rd June 2016.


SoD, try telling that to the Greeks, the Italians and, next up, the Portuguese!

Imagine if this had happened in Blighty ...

The woman would have been arrested for murder and police brutality thrown into the mix.


As for the Italians, well, that didn't last very long did it?!

Reminds me of Python again - good grief how brilliant was that movie that no political form escapes it's mockery? ...

I wonder how Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is going to wriggle out of this one, another "doomed EU" story comes crashing down to earth.


Me: Latest Stars Wars is a load of rubbish.

SoD: That's what happens when you vote for Brexit.

AussieD, about Tommy Robinson:

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