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Sunday, 06 May 2018


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I shouldn't worry about ID cards because soon we will all be "chipped"!

BOE, brave new world eh?

The poor girl went from child actress, to child liberal...but I repeat myself.

That we have problems from past immigration is without doubt. That any one measure will erase them is ludicrous. That ID cards will help is obvious.
Does Mr Hitchens complain when his bank asks for ID? Perhaps so but I doubt he'd appreciate someone else withdrawing all his money. Does he bridle at being asked for ID before borrowing a library book- perhaps he never bothers. He's clearly fine with the fact that anyone at all can vote in his name- provided only that they know his name and address, which is conveniently published for all to see in the register of electors.
Of course we're not going to get a perfect system, but there are just too many people now for everyone to know everyone else.

Well, Trump spoke to the NRA about the need for more guns everywhere in a hall where guns were forbidden, so there's a Yang to the Yin. He also spoke disapprovingly of the UK's uptick in violence:

Apparently London is the new Chicago.

Hillary has blamed herself for her loss, but after having gotten quickly past that blamed nearly everyone else:

We can only hope the quality of our politics has bottomed out.

"We can only hope the quality of our politics has bottomed out." Not until the lack of quality of the electorate improves.

I read the link and must say that Mr Hitchens made a real dog's breakfast of an argument against ID cards. Passport, driving license, even as mentioned a library card. The main point he made was that it would highlight the huge problem with illegal immigration but that it would be too hard to resolve. It would most certainly be hard, but impossible??

I open my wallet and I have a driving licence and a concessionary bus pass, both with pictures and both linked to a database. The picture on the driving licence is taken, with my consent, from my passport - another database. My car is licensed, so I am on the DVLA database. A few years ago my son and my step daughter were PV cleared because of their jobs. A vast amount of information was asked for including information about their parents; so I am on that db, maintained I believe by the security service. It is really too late to worry about ID cards.

Agreed, Whitewall though, as always, the devil is in the details. It's still hard to believe we couldn't have come up with two better candidates for president. If he'd qualified I probably would have voted for David over the two we had.

Obviously, Bob, you are a man of taste and discernment!

I accept the need for proof of identity for a specific purpose. I don't accept a general ID card. What would happen of course is that it would become an offence not to always carry it with you and as Littlejohn's Law says (Richard Littlejohn) give officials any power and they will always ALWAYS abuse it.

Spot on, Mike!

David, so far you are not nearly as grumpy as I was prepared for! I have removed my body armor.

How old are the batteries in your smoke alarms. Low voltage makes them beep intermittently.


I spent the last week dealing with car sales people.

The smoke alarm is just punishment for your former profession.

Re some pet or petty dislikes... No 4: Get yourself an airgun. Hey presto, problem solved!


Thanks for the tip, FrankC, the batteries are nearly as old as me! In fact they are so old that now the alarms have stopped squeaking - blessed relief.

Hank, how dare you! The second-hand car trade is the finest collection of honourable and upright gentlemen you could ever wish to meet, er, but just remember to count your fingers after you shake hands!

Richard, call me soppy and wet, because I am, but I could not shoot a bird, or any creature, come to that. Mind you, there are a few people I wouldn't mind 'offing'!

Here's one from the Daily Mail you obviously skipped over with a "nothing to see here" airbrush selfie ...

So much for the "EUSSR" sound-byte then, eh?

The EU shows its true colours as upholders of Thatcher's legacy: They revile nationalisation, socialism, Marxism, and Jeremy Corbyn.

How self-deluded the Brexit bunch became, driven on by their inner-lying machine.


The People's Republic of Blighty embraces national socialism in the food industry ...

When they get into the food chain it's going to get really bad. Just ask my Fluffbun about what was on the shelves of supermarkets in the Ost Bloc circa 1945-1989.


I know what was on the food shelves in (non)supermarkets in the Ost Bloc in the early '70s because I once, with some trepidation, crossed over from Austria into Bratislava for a few hours and looked inside one. There was bugger all! The shelves were roughly 85% empty. None of which has the slightest connection to the EU/Brexit debate. And please, SoD, do try and stop quoting the Guardian/FT here, the smell is atrocious!

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