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Monday, 28 May 2018


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Populism is a political philosophy supporting the rights and power of the people in their struggle against a privileged elite. Source wikip4edia

That will teach me not to mention growing grapes I guess.

Duffers. Not only do I have to deal with the prospect of civil war in Italy, an Ebola outbreak engulfing the world, and Trump's next move towards to nculear holocaust, but this is Monday and there's no sodding funnies.

My world is off its axes. This is a situation up with which I will not put!

Get a grip!!

Mind you I am not sure Mrs Matarella will look as good as Clara does hanging by her heels with piano wire.

Just wondering if you're banned from covering the Tommy Robinson outrage . . .


Tim Newman has a good post up about Tommy which puts some perspective on this. Mind you, whichever way you cut it the "optics" are awful and rightly so. There is an online petition to free Tommy at I think it is.

Tim Newman lives in France and I'm in Spain, so there is that.

Guido has a truly shameful "cartoon" about Tommy and has switched ALL comments off.

Even RT tv has taken down coverage. The West will die from suicide or natural causes...H/T Malcolm Pollock's blog.

David, if your tan is that good, dip yourself in lacquer to preserve it!

Anecdotal and I don't know it means anything but:

At 0440 (GMT) I texted [the guy who Whitewall's linked to] M very shortly after I'd attempted getting on David's site. I got an *Error 572 which prompted my text - I noted to M that "Pat" on the Sunday Rumble had made reference. I requested M try connecting from "where he is" which, guessing, is/was Massachusetts.

Very shortly following my text to M I switched to *a *special *browser and was immediately able to get a "connect."

I do not know my experience means anything relevant to the question of 1355 above.

I did find it "curious" however.

I reside in the CST zone and my time of event was just prior to 2032 Zulu.

Thanks Whitewall, and salutations of course, Dip (and condolences, I should add), but that post of mine was little more than a link or two and a weary shrug.

My muse has been "knackered" of late too, it seems.

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