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Thursday, 03 May 2018


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Cultural Marxism can not be allowed to silence free speech on campus, or anywhere else for that matter. If it does, that is one Box of Freedom the soap box. Three boxes are left.

In Western, individualistic countries the current trend of "safe zones" and related nonsense on campuses can be traced, in large part, to he self-worth theory of achievement motivation of the 70's and 80's:

It produced a generation of children educated in ways thought to boost their learning ability. Not all went as planned, though. All the kiddies being coddled by well-meaning parents and getting a participation trophy at school whether they placed first or last gave a lot of them the impression that their abilities and opinions were simply as good as anyone's and not to be questioned.

Luckily, most kids are smart enough to not take it all too seriously. However, some of the more naive, encouraged by teachers who have carried self-worth theory onto college campuses, have been shocked and enraged to find others might think them socially inferior in ways both fair and not.

The reaction against legitimate free speech is unfortunate and humorless. There will be push-back or adjustments made eventually. Teachers really do want to teach.

I think the government's part is simply to enforce the law. Anyone threatening or using violence, or otherwise obstructing others about their lawful business should be arrested and put before a court.
Impartial law enforcement is all that is required.

Teach them Libertarianism at school, and show them Nolan's chart so they can get their bearings (top half, centre pointy bit) ...

The youth are all bossy-boots lefties (bottom left quarter), and the wrinklies are all bossy-boots righties (bottom right quarter). Each accuses the other of being a nasty authoritarian, while at the same time trying to out-authoritarianize the other!

Is there anyone else left in the middle-aged Libertarian zone (top half, centre pointy bit) apart from me?


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