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Wednesday, 23 May 2018


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Maybe the Prince-MbS- heard about the sunny blazing hot weather in southern England and had to come see it to believe it?

Whiters, I can tell you that with the suntan I have acquired over the past few days as I slaved away in my micro-garden, were I to don my old keffiyeh, acquired circa 1960 from a corporal in the Trucial Oman Scouts, I might easily be mistaken for the missing Prince! Well, I might have to don one of my old theatrical beards and whiskers but you know what I mean!

Just wondering - you're worrying over the whereabouts of some Saudi prince but apparently not concerned that President Donald J. Trump refuses to use a secure phone because it's "too inconvenient". That's what Hillary said about using a government-secured email server and you all were suggesting she was a traitor who should be immediately locked up. Not that it really matters in comparison to his giving the Russians Israeli top secrets in the Oval Office, but still...

Bob, if you are attempting to provoke me into a vigorous defence of Donald Trump, save your energy!

David, I know better, but you remain a man of mystery. The other day I looked at the Carping Terriers, or whatever they call themselves lately. You're still bedeviling them in the comments. I've yet to decide how much of the wingnut stuff you actually believe and how much you just pretend so you can pitchfork "lefties" (the large majority of people at Carpenter's are not) or to make your blog more "exciting". So, you know, jest askin'.

Bob, the commenters at PMC's blog, well, the majority of them, are excitable morons (see: PeterG, passim) and it would be bad manners not to pelt them with rotten veg! Actually, I am very rarely rude, I merely point up some of their absurdities. Finally, they very definitely are 'Lefties' although I suspect your definition would vary from mine! Finally, I have no desire to make my blog "more exciting" and, anyway, I doubt very much whether mention of Carpenter's boring-snoring site would do it.

David, I suppose it's not fair of me to make fun of all the commenters over there. There are some that are knowledgeable and have senses of humor and a few that seem to be nice people. All in all, though, you don't have to convince me. There were plenty of times I thought your trolling was more interesting than the points repeated endlessly: Trump bad, Sanders bad, voters idiots, me in perfect political center, me know everything, and so on. That's why I'm pestering you here.

Oh, and another thing: I'll repeat Carpenter is a centrist, Clinton Democrat. You may have noticed he hates "the left" without reserve and blames them for every Democratic loss. He'll probably go ballistic over all the progressives winning primaries in the South yesterday.

Also, he is a libertarian in the mode of H. L. Mencken, who was proud to be known as the "American Nietzsche" and often opined the average American is a backwater hick and ignoramus. One of his most famous quotes: "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard."


One cannot "tweet" on a secure phone so ... But anyway if you'll get back to most (all?) of my digs in the direction of Hillary - none (that I recall) ever made much of a fuss over hers and her staff's use of the Blackberries (Blackberrys?).

My beef as I recall had to do with the stuff Mr. Comey described as the "extremely careless" handling of classified material.

Yes Bob there was that one alleged instance where the Prez supposedly "gave the Russians" supposedly TS which, also supposedly, was sourced via the Israelis but unlike Hillary's, there was no email chain.

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