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Tuesday, 08 May 2018


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"Hopefully, the President will follow up his move by imposing some serious sanctions on Iran - and anyone else who supports Iran!"

So that'll be Blighty under serious sanctions, on account of your dimwit Brexiteers pledging to continue supporting Iran.

No Customs Union, with the loss of 60 odd trade agreements for decades; no Single Market, with the loss of half a billion of the richest peeps on the planet to sell to and buy from; and now inviting sanctions from the US.

If this is the supposedly more Libertarian party, Gawd help us when the Marxists get in.


Today is Victory Day; gigantic parade in Moscow to celebrate the defeat of the Germans by Russia. Guess who Putin's guest of honour is? Should have been Trump - another triumph for the Democratic party.

SoD conveniently forgets to mention that EU GDP is shrinking year on year and will continue to shrink. The Single Market is a protectionist, over-regulated monstrosity than penalises African farmers to their detriment. It's always the same with you Europhiles, all you can see is Europe while the rest of us can see the rest of the world.

Somehow I don't think Trump will be imposing sanctions on the UK.

I don't think Trump will impose sanctions on the UK, but why take the risk? Does anybody really think we will get brownie points from the Franco-German alliance for sticking with them? Anybody other than SoD that is.

Israel should be invited to join NATO.

The Germans did terrible damage to Russia during the war. All damage to Russia since 1945 has been self inflicted.

This Obama deal with Iran was maybe the most vile thing left of his legacy. Looks Like His Legacy is Down to Allowing Men to Use Women's Restrooms and a Cartoonist Presidential Portrait.

"It's always the same with you Europhiles, all you can see is Europe while the rest of us can see the rest of the world."

Yeah, that cow Thatcher, eh? Same with all those Europhiles, ...

... all they can see is Europe.

You think the folks who voted for Brexit were gagging to open up Blighty to global unilateral zero tariff free trade, multi-standards, with a dose of freedom of movement thrown in? Gagging to make Blighty the "Singapore of the West", were they? If I'd thought that I would have voted Brexit.

Try suggesting that to the shop floors ooop North in the Honda, Nissan, and Toyota factories, or the farmers and associated Country-Bumpkins. If you manage to get out alive with 52 for and 48 against, I'll buy you a bottle of Prosecco and switch from Remain to Brexit.


"Israel should be invited to join NATO."

Hear, hear, Jimmy! And to join the EU.

And boot the Turks out and leave 'em to the Rooskies.


Actually, Honda is in Swindon and Toyota in Derby and Sth Wales. Hardly up north, but then a softie from the south wouldn't know that.

Loz, after we leave the EU gravy train we must close down the £300 a day pensioners club.
The over abundance of politicians needs addressed. And you have to take account of their advisors and bits of totty on the side. We are being ripped off.

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