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Tuesday, 29 May 2018


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It is difficult to get the facts of the case because of the gagging order, but from what I've seen on facebook which included the live stream as Tommy was arrested, he had checked with the court officials/police that he was not on court property; nothing he said could have affected any ongoing cases in my opinion - it was no different from what the BBC might have said if they reported these cases; Tommy's suspended sentence was three months but he was sentenced now to 13 months within hours and without being given any opportunity to mount a defence; he resigned from the EDL several years ago. Incidentally, in another case when he was accused of contempt of court he was visited at 4 am the next day quite unnecessarily. He is regularly harassed by the police - he was followed for hours when he just went shopping.

The EDL...according to wiki:

"The English Defence League is a far-right street protest movement which focuses on opposition to what it considers to be a spread of Islamism and Sharia in the United Kingdom. It describes itself as an anti-racist and human rights organisation."

If they are against the spread of Islam and Sharia, well good! Somebody sure as hell had better be. Next thing you know the State will make certain speech against the law and send police to arrest you. This might be the root of all this. Hope Tommy doesn't have an accident in jail.

I agree with Mr Fowle. While it is true that Robinson has committed some sort of alleged offence here, Britain is fast becoming like many authoritarian states in that everyone is committing an offence merely by going about their daily business, and it’s therefore just a matter of who the police choose to arrest. And even if you haven’t committed a crime, the police can arrest whoever they like for wholly imaginary reasons and face no consequences. With the process being the punishment, it doesn’t really matter if you’ve committed an offence or not: if the ruling classes and their minions in uniforms decide you’re a problem, they’ll make your life hell and convince themselves they’ve acted lawfully. We should remind ourselves at this point that nobody rotted away in a Soviet gulag for no reason: there was always a charge attached to their incarceration. The fact Robinson was originally arrested for breach of the peace and later that changed to prejudicing a trial shows the authorities aren’t really interested in what they charge him with provided he ends up behind bars. (H/T Tim Newman)

I agree with everything I have read so far. Technically, Robinson is guilty, and he would, given that he is a professional right-wing provocateur who gets arrested for a living, do well to get better legal advice.

However, the "bigger picture" is important here. First, Robinson was only engaged in this filming because the mainstream media have little or no interest in anything which disturbs their false "consensus" and the narrative of immigration and Englishness which they peddle. Second, we are rapidly becoming a "police state" in that the plod know full well that the process is the punishment. Get arrested, and even if you are technically innocent you will have a very hard time and a full-time job fighting the system. It's funny how Muslims can call for the overthrow of the British state with impunity, whereas Robinson attracts instant "justice" whatever he does.

Robinson was arrested for "Breach of the Peace", which is a bit rich frankly. He was in effect doing nothing different from what your common or garden BBC or ITV "journalist" would do outside a courtroom - and let's face it, how many times have you seen them report from outside say, The Royal Courts of Justice. Secondly there were no other people around for any peace to be breached, no one was incited and no one offended.

Two things stand out here. Firstly the incredible speed Robinson was removed, arrested, charged, arraigned before a judge for all of 4 minutes and then imprisoned. If only Plod could move so swiftly and so effectively against the rape gangs - for that is what they are. Secondly, and more importantly, Robinson has shown up the State for the ineffectual, gutless tossers they really are and they are out to get him, no matter what. This is what happens these days it would appear. You can be "disappeared" at the drop of a hat. Please don't talk to me about British Justice - it's been perverted. You know it, I know it, PC Plod with an IQ of 40 knows it and so does the state.

I can only now conclude that we live in a totalitarian state.

The bigger picture was framed perfectly by our host. It is entirely about the integrity of the judicial progress and nothing else.

How anyone can think it is a good thing to go filming and reporting contentiously on a major trial while it is still in progress is beyond me. Even more so if the trial has reporting restrictions in place. NB: restrictions are imposed as a matter of course where minors may be involved.

The first time he did it (in Canterbury) Robinson only just avoided prison and the court had to take measures to redirect jurors and accused so that they didn't see him filming.

Having got a suspended sentence hanging over from that incident he goes and does exactly the same thing in Leeds. Do you think he only wants to get arrested so he can be martyred?

The feeble defence about him not doing anything apart from taking a few shots of the building is pathetic. He was livestreaming a report. He doesn't seem to understand the presumption of innocence. If the threat of three months suspended can't bring him to his senses then perhaps 13 months doing real time may be a salutary lesson.

BTW: the CPS guidelines stress that contempt of court and other interruptions in the judicial process should be dealt with immediately, to minimise the risk of triggering a retrial. You can't leave it to a process that may take months to resolve.

David Duff is one of the few in the last few days who has seen through the 'freedom of speech' nonsense to the real issue.

As an American, I find this case very troubling. From what I have read (might be wrong) Robinson was outside with an iPhone filming people going into the courts. I find it hard to believe he was "breaching the peace" or "inciting to riot" or whatever else they're throwing at him. Imagine the situation reversed. A Muslim activist filming people going into court for a case of a "hate" crime against a Muslim. Do you think the judge, police, the whole justice system would have come crashing down on that individual? No. That justice system is deeply embarrassed by the existence of these "rape gangs" and the failure of the system to do anything about them until way too late. Muslim immigration is proving a disaster. "1984" is becoming an instruction manual, and this lover of Britain is getting very concerned.

Compare/Contrast the following

Robinson arrested for filming outside a Court. Charge : Breach of the Peace. His lawyer informed him he would be released so no need to attend & defend. Robinson then tried (under contempt of court) convicted & sentenced within hours.

Countless professional snappers hang around daily during ongoing proceedings to film the accused (Glitter/Harris/Clifford/Richard) enter Court. No CPS arrested.

"Robinson was warned he would be sent to jail if he took on contempt of court laws and did anything that could prejudice a trial ever again."

Or, to put it another way, he was reminded that nails that insist on sticking up will be hammered down.

Firstly, the "secrecy" was laughable, whatever the validity of the conviction. The actual effect was to generate maximum attention.
Secondly, the law in this case seems at odds with natural justice. In no other circumstances is a person found guilty and sentenced by the person prosecuting. And in no other circumstance does anyone suffer such a sentence without a jury. Be clear, the judge didn't make up the law, he acted entirely within what Parliament had decreed. Parliament should therefore sort this out. It would be far better if contempt cases were referred to another judge, with a jury if a sentence of this severity is deemed necessary. Remand would probably have to be in custody at least to the end of the risk of causing a miscarriage of Justice.
It has been alleged that TR was badly advised by the lawyer appointed for him. Dunno, but that seems like another reason to defer the trial for contempt- so that the defendant has time to muster a defence as happens for every other offence.

Tommy Robinson is criticized for being an agitator, a right wing wingnut etc. etc. He was reporting on the trial of some pieces of human garbage who sexually abused vulnerable underage girls.
Where were the police, local authorities, child care, school teachers and a long list of etceteras while this was going on? They knew about it and did nothing.


"He was reporting on the trial of some [alleged] pieces of human garbage who [allegedly] sexually abused vulnerable underage girls."

Please note that the principal purpose of a trial is to establish whether the accused are guilty or not. It is not just there to determine whether burning at the stake or hanging, drawing and quartering would be the most appropriate punishment.

Whatever you think of the defendants, they are entitled to a fair trial.


Well, nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition...

I typed the previous one with my fists. Obviously that is the alleged function of the court system.

One thing that seems to have been missed so far is that the hearing was a sentencing one, they had already been found guilty! There was no jury to influence.

Only sentencing? In Britain is that only for judges to render?

Yes, only the judges present, the jury would have already been discharged.

Certain people are showing a totally warped sense of priorities when they get all hot under the collar about Robinson, who had the very considerable courage to stick his head about the parapet AND DO SOMETHING - but remain absolutely silent about the TENS OF THOUSANDS of vulnerable young women who have been raped and tortured by the grooming gangs.

Maajid Nawaz settles the argument conclusively.

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