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Thursday, 24 May 2018


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Hello Duffers Ambrose at the Telegraph has been quite good on this as well. So far Salvini and Di Maio have the wind in their sails and some post election euphoria.

THe Eurogroup counter attack has not yet begun to bite, and to some extent and crucially because Italy currently has a primary surplus their implements are rendered less immediately lethal. The tax cuts and spending increases will in the short term be self sustaining, hopefully long enough for the collateral damage in Brussels and Frankfurt to be severe. Because these are two mutually antagonistic parties doing this they are both doomed to keep doing it much longer than they would do if they were measures introduced by a single governing party with a weak leader as would have been the case in Greece under Tsipras.

So the auguries are quite good that this could be a very very severe headache for the Eurogroup and one that is long overdue. And it couldn't happen to a more obnoxious, cynical bunch of absolute bastards.

Youshould read Varoufakis's book "The Adults in the Room" for an insider view of how they do their business.

I am impressed you have always maintained that it would be Italy which would trigger the break up and there is now a better than infinitesimal possibility that will be the case!

We'll see.

Sorry, Cuffers, your excellent comment crossed over my 'ADDITIONAL' in the post above.

If nothing else maybe the two battling parties can agree to remove the African 'refugees' who have washed on shore in Italy the last 3 years. Put them back where they came from, each with a bit of money to get him settled. If nothing else was accomplished maybe that would do.

Coming soon?

Excellent article, Whiters, thanks!

Eh ... David?

Are "the loonies" limited to Italy?


Remember, if Germany succeeds in fending off all the disparate and uncoordinated attempts to wrest hegemony out of her hands - Italy, Greece, Club Med, Visigrad Group, Three Seas Initiative, Nordics, Ost Bloccers, Baltics, Balkans - it will be YOUR fault.

JK - will read later.


No Loz, whatever the Germans do, it will be their fault.

For once I am in agreement with SoD. Everything that happens to the EU after Brexit will be our fault!

Never mind the Italian loons, how about the loons to the north?

Whiters, you mean 'the MacLoons to the north'. Beyond redemption, I fear!


Mmm, the Brit hoi-polloi and pols are not going through a period of great strategic vision and intelligent decision making.

It happens in the history of states. We just have to grit our teeth and grin and bear it - and hope we're still in one piece when the brains return to the country's collective mind.

Just seen the report has come out confirming Russia as the perpetrator of the killing of 298 Western folks on MH17, still denied by Russia and Putin. Even names the Russian missile battery's brigade rsponsible: 53rd from Kursk.

Yep, peeps and pols, we need to talk about Russia.


Well Lawrence, you'll forgive my reluctance to, early on after the Skripal attack to wait for more definitive evidence?

That has been transmitted to my satisfaction.


You're welcome.


Yesterday the 23rd school shooting of this year happened close to where I live:

I'll return the favor and point out the adolescent gunboy used handguns and not a semi auto. Do you think the teacher would have had as good a chance to disarm him if he'd had one?

"... the adolescent gunboy used handguns and not a semi auto ..."

Uhmm Bob? Here's what I (most frequently) carry:

If you clicked that link Bob you'll have noticed (maybe) that the CZ is both a handgun and a semi auto? Although I've not had time to look into the details of the Indiana incident my suspicion is just from the blurb I did pick up on this morning's news was that the former football playing teacher hurled himself at gunboy ending the goober's fantasy?

"Do you think the teacher would have had as good a chance to disarm him if he'd had one?"

Your link Bob states the goober had "two handguns" which (to me at least) renders your point[?] about "whether semi" moot.

So whether either of the handguns were semi auto or not doesn't matter so much as the fact that the teacher effectively ended the fantasy.


I can't find any description of the weapons used other than "pistols" and "handguns", so you might be right. I figured if the guns were semiautomatic, regardless of the type, the fact would have been mentioned in news reports. We'll find out eventually.

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