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Friday, 18 May 2018


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And also William Hague. When Blair was hell bent on joining the Euro Hague started to campaign to keep the pound. Much mocked by the Guardianistas but popular enough to slow down Blair who felt constrained to offer a referendum (never held of course) as Brown fudged it, but he at least slowed down that initial Gadarene rush. Incidentally, have you read any of Donna Leon's books set in Venice? Fiction, but with a real life setting of contemporary Venice - the level of corruption accepted as part of Italian life is soul destroying.

If you think things are interesting in Italy wait till you hear about Malaysia.
PS: I consider Malaysia to be the arsehole of the planet.

Yes, Andra, I have been picking up on the stories since the election. Another country that would have done much better if they had left us Brits to run it, er, bit like Australia, really - no, no, I didn't mean it, just a joke, honestly . . .

I hope that messrs di Maio and Salvini have somebody checking underneath their cars .

The reference to Donna Leon's books is interesting because the same scene is mirrored in Michael Dibbens' Zen books and the Montalbano books.

20 billion more reasons not to leave the EU ...

£20bn is more than the £13.5bn cost of staying in.

So much for the £350m a week on the NHS. Blighty will be taking £6.5bn a year, £125m a week, OUT OF THE NHS for the "privilege" of leaving.

As for the Latino's: there's another power base in Europe we could be supporting to strait-jacket the Franco-German axis. So now we've got these friendly alliances ...

- Baltics
- Ost Bloccers
- Club Med

... all of whom want to give the Frogs, Jerries and Brussels a hard time for one reason or another, and all the reasons being ones that right thinking folks in Blighty endorse. And what did you do on June 23rd 2016?

You did a runner from the very institution that Blighty could have projected its weight into in support our friendly factions, and thereby eviscerate the Frankish menace.

After waiting patiently for 40 years for the right time to D-Day and advance on Berlin via Brussels and Paris, the time arrived - and you Dunkirk-ed.

History will not be kind to you.


SoD, if you continue to bombard me with quotes from the BBC, The Guardian and the FT, then I will "not be kind to you"!

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