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Thursday, 17 May 2018


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No. If you wish to feed coin after coin into a slot machine that's your problem not mine. We must all suffer the consequences of what we do or don't do.

I've never seen that spelling before, David. Mainly because it's wrong. Dilemma comes from the Greek di (two) and lemma (assumptions).

Mike, the noise you can hear is the sound of my teeth grinding! I have just wasted fifteen minutes of my precious life double-checking your correction to the dilemma of "dilemna" or "dilemma". Normally I wouldn't mind because that sort of trifle keeps me amused but, dammit, in this case you're right and I'm wrong so you have spoiled (spoilt?) my lunch!

It's all very sad but not as sad as the owner of this blog:
nor as sad as one of his commenters who wrote this:

"Intuitively it is dilemNa, not dilemma. The latter is missing logical information: combining "di" (two) with "lemma" (proposition) falls short of the notion that one must TAKE one of the alternatives presented. The Greek LEMMA stems from the root of LAMBANO "take", but itself contains no notion of "take" but only "proposition". So you need the "N" (from LambaNo) to preserve the notion that not only are two propositions presented, but that one must be taken as a choice. DILEMMA doesn't do this: all it says is that there are 2 propositions; dilemNa does do this, as it not only says there are two propositions, but that one must be taken. So DILEMNA harks back to LambaNo, and is therefore the correct spelling."

Oh dear, I feel my afternoon nap coming on somewhat early!

The word 'quandary' was invented to deal with this dilemma.

I think the question is how do you stop people too dim to limit what they risk? You can only do that if you make them all register and use their card to place bets. Or you do it the easy way on just stop everyone. For a nanny state there is no thought required at all.

Of course lowering the limit just keeps them busy for longer. It doesn't stop them going broke it just stops it going via this easy route.

I feel a little like Hyman Kaplan who proudly brings the word Eumoirous to Mr Parkhill, and is shattered when the teacher doesn't know what it means. In fact Mr P is somewhat critical of such an obscure word. He leaves a note for Mr Parkhill saying You are the best teacher If I don't leam (sic) from you I won't leam from anyone. Tonight you should feel Eumoirous, which Mr Parkhill feels is a desperate attempt to find a use for the word, however strained, but then sees that he has reversed his normal practice, and the note is addressed to M*R P*A*R*K*H*I*L*L, from Hyman Kaplan.

This post got me thinking....I know I know. Me neither
And as one thought leads to another....
First I was suitably minimally outraged. How dare the government act like overlords. And that led to this thought, "when has mankind, not just western civilisation, ever been free from overlords." As far as I can recollect history, until the "American Colonial Uprising" (the title of the 3 centimeter paragraph in my Scottish History book), the general status of man has been overlord and serf in various schemes across the planet and over the years. I do believe this is why the rest of world does not really understand the American psyche.
back to work

'Over here' we're going in a slightly different direction. In the current context the VOA "learning English" site is an appropriate source:

At this time there's probably no good legal argument against people learning hard lessons, but expanding gambling has a definite "bread and circuses" odor.

Btw, instead of worrying about 25p words you Brits should get rid of all those extra u's you waste time typing. "Odour" would have worked no better above.

Duffers like you I was torn but having read this article by Christopher Snowdon

I've made up what passes for my mind!

Good article by Snowdon - thanks for the link.

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