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Monday, 18 June 2018


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Nothing surprising there since it's a well-known fact that only lefties love money and will do less than honorable things for it. This surprises me, though: Apparently not every old geezer in the UK has the gumption to socialize through a blog:

"The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa May has appointed a “minister of loneliness” to tackle the social and health issues caused by social isolation. As Peter Walker at the Guardian reports, Tracey Crouch, who most-recently served as minister for both sport and civil society, will lead a cross-governmental group responsible for creating policies to address the growing problem.

Ceylan Yeginsu at The New York Times reports that the appointment comes after the release of a report on loneliness last year by the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness, a committee formed in honor of the 41-year-old Labour MP who was murdered by a far-right terrorist during the Brexit referendum in 2016."

The irony is fairly obvious.

Is Ceylan Yeginsu a real name? The confused old guy who murdered Ms Cox is an unusual "terrorist", right, left or centre.


Compared to the UK the US is incredibly diverse. Growing up in and around Chicago I knew a lot of people with Americanized names the originals of which I couldn't pronounce. It seems later generations don't bother to change their names as often. I had a girlfriend named Yen, which is pronounced "ing".

"In this photo she may, possibly, be indicating the amount of dosh she requires"

She's saying "If I were a man, it would be at least this big, so I'm bloody well worth it, you skinflints!"

"The irony is fairly obvious."

I'd s'pose so Bob as I find searching that unlike the MoD Mrs. May hasn't, apparently, even gone so far as to set up a "proper Ministry" as befits a proper Minister of anything.

Heck Bob, the least she could've done would've been something like we did and set up, at the very least, a proper Commission. Irony indeed.

Mrs. May ought look at such examples as we've set in recently past times:

I suspect Bob, that's one lonely Minister.

Bob, I doubt the bloke who killed Cox knew what far right, left or terrorist meant.


Where ya been? Ya unleashed a bunch of Frank Zappa on us and disappeared. I was starting to suspect you're a character SoD got tired of writing. Remember this?:

You know, you give people with nothing but a bunch of book learning piles of money and some of it gets wasted. I, on the other hand, would buy lots of Woodford Reserve and Sazerac Rye.

Remember the big to-do over $600 toilet seats back in the 1980's? I don't remember what plane it was, but knew a manager on that project. He said they cost that much because there were only some number under 100 custom made of cast aluminum to fit in a limited space. It's not like you could just go to Home Depot and buy any old crapper, which is what most people measured them against.


jimmy glesga,

I agree, but am trying to hold up my end of being a troll here.


I've thought about it a few minutes and, you know, I wrote quite a few reports that went to the government. If I got hold of the right current buzzwords I'll bet I could cover the expense of my rye by calling it a material for some kind of brain study.

That would be in fifties.
The width of the required wad.
She would be considerably richer than me.

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