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Wednesday, 20 June 2018


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I lived just up the road in Fareham at the time this was happening, and there were rumblings then. A nice Indian chap living next door to me worked there as a junior doctor, and I think he had been recruited direct from India and didn't know about the dodgy reputation. I had completely forgotten about it - it's taken ages to sort out.

Hopefully, they'll now be working out ways to make the old bag's retirement as uncomfortable as possible.

But just imagine how quickly this would have been jumped on had it been a private hospital. Good reason to privatise medicine, errors get jumped on, not hidden.

Spot on Pat.

Another nail in the coffin for "the envy of the world".


Must have been 'budgetary concerns'?

Sort of "Rotherham" style of mindset by "the Authorities".

The felony of murder springs to mind but if that is too difficult for the authorities then a couple of dozen counts of manslaughter with cumulative sentences should do the trick.

AussieD, I wonder if the 'authorities' are really interested in protecting the public anymore...or just their well paid protected arses?

She makes Harold Shipman look like a bit of a piker.

Another dose of hilarity! Just as the barmy old bat in charge here lobs billions of our money at the NHS, it turns out they have been offing the taxpayers. Who said - you couldn't make it up?

"It is extra-ordinary how 'group-think' can turn normally decent people into slavish idiots capable of the greatest crimes. On second thoughts, it's not that extra-ordinary, it happens all the time!"


If you Brits think a privatized system doesn't have the same problems and more you know precious little about the US health "system".

Here's a small sample:

A few known "Angels of Mercy":

Kristen Gilbert, American nurse and convicted serial killer
Donald Harvey, American orderly and convicted serial killer
Michael Swango, American physician who poisoned over 30 patients and coworkers

In case you think I missed the point, the AMA and other doctors' organizations have covered for incompetence and unethical behavior as long as I can remember:


How many of those took nearly 30 years to resolve and saw a public sector covering up everything at every stage: the pigs, bureaucrats, doctors, nurses, prosecution service, the effing lot?

And this will only get worse as time goes by now the standards bodies are coming back home to roost in Blighty's rotten public sector, and the competition rules that provided some semblance of performance stimulus are dispensed with.

It won't be long until we're back in the 70's again, as I've been saying long before the consequences of 23rd June 2016 became apparent. A period of time when I was 5 to 10 years old and even then, an infant, I observed there was nothing good about this country.

And after that, in astonishment, I watched Blighty go from zero to hero in a decade and consolidate the gains by banking the golden-haired Thatcher's legacy in the single market.

And you set the clock back.

Incredible. But true.


Lost a Voice today David


I'm an American. I had nothing to do with Thatcher. In fact I can sympathize with your position, because in opposition to her legacy you still have a left that's an old-style, central government, labor left. We have no such thing over here, or it's powerless.

My point is that a privatized healthcare system has just as many if not more problems than a government run one. We pay the highest prices for prescription drugs in the world. We have well over 20 million people with no insurance at all, and, contrary to the propaganda, most of them have jobs. As I mentioned, we also have as much incompetence and unethical practice as any other country and, since the system isn't accountable to the public, there's hardly ever a doctor disciplined who hasn't done something completely outrageous.


I just realized you have little context by which to judge some of my statements above. In the past several decades most doctors have been forced to join huge medical networks run by huge corporations. Corporations' only purpose is to profit for their shareholders. The concept doesn't make sense when applied to healthcare for more reasons than I can mention here. However, huge corporations have armies of lawyers on retainer that can make suing them for malpractice nearly impossible. I fail to see how privatizing incompetence has worked to our advantage.

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