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Wednesday, 06 June 2018


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I don't know which of them is the bigger whore, Bill or Hillary. No matter, She lost and He is suffering for it. All a function of on coming Justice.

I have several J Patterson books and some are better than others but as an aspiring fiction writer (don't laugh please) they are quite educational - he sells billions of books which are quite readable in an american way.

His tie up with Clinton is surely purely pecuniary even though he is almost certainly of a deep pink hue politically.

It is certainly good for the Great American Public to be reminded once again of what a bullet they dodged by electing Trump.

The Great American Public seems to have dodged a bullet by stepping into the path of another bullet.

Bob, lets settle for a ricochet, you never know where it ends.

The main reason for all the noise over here:

jimmy glesga, ricochet is better. Or maybe ricochets.

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