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Monday, 18 June 2018


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Step lightly there Duff, should you ramble aroun' the artstuff.

SoD I'm certain you know is, awaiting inheritance of your Empire. Intact!

Looks to me, JK, that that 'little Herbert' has excellent artistic taste!

The parents should countersue for putting their child at risk by having an unstable glass object where it could easily fall over and hurt somebody.

Very pleased to read your comments, Sir, and to find someone else who likes this painting as much as I do.

There is nothing else - nothing - in Henriette Browne's work that is like this painting. At first I doubted the provenance, but the V&A seems convinced - and they should know.

If there is a French equivalent of the Antiques Roadshow we might hope that one day a few other paintings of Henriette Browne's in this style emerge from the attics and cellars of France. She MUST have done others...

Greetings from Switzerland

Thanks, 'fos', I just checked her Wiki entry and they seem to have a few examples of her other works which I will look at later on. I trust your yodelling is improving!

Apropos yodelling...

Yodelling was invented by the British.

A young British climber got caught in a storm in the high alps and took shelter in a farmer's cottage. The farmer was out, but his beautiful daughter and his beautiful wife looked after the climber with traditional Swiss hospitality.

When the farmer returned the climber had already left, but it was clear from the flushed cheeks of his daughter the sort of hospitality he had received.

The farmer rushed out and saw the climber on the opposite hillside: 'You f****d my daughter, you British bastard!' he shouted. 'And youroldladytooooo', the climber shouted back.

[I added this to a comment elsewhere recently when someone else was goading me about yodelling. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!]

now I know from whom that yodelling joke came!

I think some artists can on occasion, capture a moment that brings together; a style, medium, story, light, emotion or something indefinable, that together create a masterpiece. The illustration you used reminds me of Norman Rockwell's work - (see 'Girl in a mirror' here: His popularity arose largely due to his commercial commissions for the Saturday Evening Post, I think he was generally ignored by the art establishment for many years and referred to as an illustrator, rather than as a painter with an extraordinary eye for detail and story telling. There's a nice site at The American Museum of Illustration ( many really good examples of the genre.

`Sorry, messed up the link to the American Museum of Illustration site. Corrected here :

Will, thanks for the link to Rockwell's art. I was once lucky enough to visit the gallery/museum in the small New England town where he spent much of his life. I still have four prints of his work hanging up in my living room.

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