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Wednesday, 27 June 2018


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As you can see, I have a different slant on things. Here's a few of my favourites ....
Arsenic & Old Lace
The Thin Man
A Day at the Races
A Night at the Opera
Young Frankenstein
The African Queen
Carmen Jones
To Kill a Mockingbird

Blazing Saddles

Andra, you're such a sweet, old-fashioned gal! When did you last 'go to the pictures'?

Timbo! What can I say except 'could do better!' I mean, "Blazing Saddles"??? Good fart jokes, as I recall but not much else!

One of my favourite films and one of the best of all time, The Third Man, was enhanced by lots of happy chances. Carol Reed heard Anton Karas playing the zither during a lunch break and realised it would make ideal music. Graham Greene's novel and screenplay provided for a happy ending, which Selznick also favoured, but Reed thought that would be out of character with the general downbeat spirit of the film. Orson Welles himself added the famous line about cuckoo clocks. I believe that the lights did not turn up in time for initial filming hence the half lit scenes which make it so atmospheric.

some of my favourites are
The Quiet Man
My Life So Far
Some Like It Hot
Rear Window
My Fair Lady
The Man From Snowy River

Really hard to narrow them down, but in no particular order:

The African Queen
The Maltese Falcon
All of Hitchcock's American films
2001 A Space Odyssey
The Fifth Element
A Clockwork Orange
Citizen Kane
Pulp Fiction
Forrest Gump
Being There
The Graduate
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
The Bank Dick

... and probably at least 20 or 30 more

David, if I didn’t have a lowbrow, I’d have no brow!

Mike, I hesitated on 'The Third Man' but the fact is that only time I ever saw is lost back in the mists of time.

Dear Miss Red, alas, most of yours I have never seen.

Bob, I'd go along with 'The African Queen' which I just about remember.

Well, Timbo, I have it on very good authority that you spent too much of your life listening to modern string quartets instead of 'going to the pictures'!

K won't repeat other's excellent choices - just add a few.
Brief Encounter
I Know Where I'm Going
Cruel Sea
Kind Hearts and Coronets
Life of Brian and The Grail one.
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
High Noon
The King's Speech
The Producers
Any/all Buster Keaton's
Death in Venice
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
The Usual Suspects
A Man and a Woman
The Importance of Being Earnest
The Last Picture Show
Once Upon A Time In America

Really there have been some wonderful films in among the dross.

To the above, I would add...

The Duellists
Breaker Morant,
The Wild Bunch
Brestkaya Krepost (It's Russian and one of the best war films ever!)
Harold and Maude
Runaway Train
Let The Right One In (original version, not the American remake)
The Innocents

These are movies that if I find them on the telly, even though I have most of them on DVD, I will sit and watch them again. I once watched “Triangle” three times in a row, trying to work out how and when and then watched it again when I found a fantastic explanation of it. So they may not be classics, but they are favourites. Honourable mentions go to Watership Down, Aliens, The 13th Warrior and Lord of the Rings : Fellowship of the Ring.

Sophie’s choice
In the bleak midwinter (which you can’t get on DVD. It’s about a troupe of amateur actors putting on their interpretation of “Hamlet” and has many indulgent moments for me).
The Ring (the American remake was actually not that bad, and at least gives your eyes a rest from the subtitles. However, the Japanese just know how to make horror)
28 Days later
Usual Suspects
Crocodile Dundee
The Fugitive

OH! I forgot! I'd have to put in "The Company of Wolves" which is the retelling of Little Red Riding Hood in the style I fear it was originally intended....

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