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Friday, 15 June 2018


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And Trump rhetoric makes the sun rise every morning too. Scroll down to the interactive chart titled "NATO member contributions, 2010-2017", step through the years and note the changes:

Yeah, just what Blighty wanted, a militarized Europe to the east, and a militarized Putin-and-Kim loving America to the west.

In the middle of the nutcracker, a la Ukraine, due to you know what.

"Folie a Deux", indeed.


What exactly is NATO defending right now? Western values? Those have been under assault for generations and not just by the Soviets/Russians. Western Europe is attempting to erase itself through bad ideology, disinterest, rejection of culture and religion and the admission of Islam as a sign of 'enlightenment'. No amount of American presence, weaponry or troops can prevent this.

Well look who's bucking the trend! (That was "B"ucking, lest the swear box comes out) ...

That was your old company wasn't it? C company 3 Para?

Still showing the Ost Blockers we Love 'em and will protect them - unlike some former members of the force. Meanwhile, back at the Kremlin, when informed of the operation, Vlad chants in his best footie hooligan voice, "Oo are ya, oo are ya?!"


Thanks, SoD, some of those photos brought back memories! No, I wasn't in 'C' Coy, I was in the Signals Platoon which meant I would be attached where-ever the 'brass' decided for different exercises.

And of course we all love the 'Ost Blockers', or at least, the 'inkie-blinkie darlinkies'!

As usual, Whiters asks the pertinent question, "What exactly is NATO defending right now?" which is exactly what 'The Donald' is asking, especially as he is paying for most of it!

NATO was to keep the Americans in, keep the Germans down and keep the Russians out.
It's having problems with the first item at the moment.
Since Germany's one submarine doesn't work, neither do half its tanks and it can only get four of its jets flying at any one time- plus of course the crews must be desperately short of practice, the second item looks like a done deal.
There remains the possibility that Russia will do something desperate, but with an economy the size of Australia's and shrinking, and that dependant on European gas purchases, I doubt they could sustain an attack on Europe any more.
So NATO has pretty near run its course.

One of these days I will have to ask what 'inkie-blinkie darlinkies' means!

G'day Whitewall,

From my reading of past posts with the "inkies" referenced I take the expression to refer to rather attractive Eastern European ladies. I may be "off course" but I have no doubt Duffers or SoD will enlighten us.

SoD invented the phrase so we must await his full explanation, er, plus some pics, if possible!

Over to you SoD. Your explanation is awaited with great anticipation "over the pond" and "Down Under".

Pictures are optional but preferred.

Yes indeed, and heavy on the pictures!

Long-legged, pert-breasted, high-cheekboned, inky-blinky darlinkies.

I coined the phrase in about 1994. I was slouched in the corner of our local nightclub in Bagshot, or "Shagbot" as it is affectionately known, on a Saturday night, quoffing down as many pints as it took to get the beer goggles on and make the tattoos, body piercings, and ruffles of blubber blur into the acceptable zone, before launching some ludicrous advance that would normally be rejected, and couldn't be performed standing up - because I couldn't stand up, when ...

The main door opened, slowly, with long, slender, fine white fingers. George, the bouncer, stood nearby and glanced back and I wondered what or who was coming in as George appeared to be having problems retrieving his lower jaw from the beer spattered floor.

And then, in slow motion, I can still see it now, and I'm getting movement just recalling it, the long-legged, pert-breasted, inky-blinky, darlinkies strode in. The first wave of Ost Bloc au pair girls on their first girls night out, after their first week of changing nappies and shovelling baby food into the gobs of the sprogs of flash Harries and rich bitches of the nearby Wentworth estate.

"I vont to practitz my Ingleesh, can you helping me, pleeez?"

Well, I felt it my duty to oblige, in the interests of common courtesy of course, so I dived in.

And I still haven't come out.


The rest is self-explanatory, but "inky-blinky, darlinkies" suggests dark-eyed darlings. In any case sheer poetry, SoD.

Thanks SoD! Now I get it. Your felicity to duty is admirable too.

SoD was well trained because I suffered similar emotions back in the late '50s/early '60s when the wealthy but dead idle 'Mums' of posh Guildford use to import 'au pair' girls by the trainload. Back then, of course, they were mostly from France, Switzerland and Scandinavia. How I escaped their clutches I do not know!

David, you were eluding when you should have been standing still maybe?

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