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Monday, 25 June 2018


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Expecting Mrs May to do anything intelligent or principled is taking optimism to extremes.

She'll fudge as usual and waffle, make some empty soundbites and hope that she can kick the can far enough down the road that it becomes Somebody Else's Problem.

She really is useless.

The SF need a large pool of soldiers to recruit from. We no longer have a large pool of anything!

David, though I can't address your topic directly, this one is closely related and showing up in the news more often lately:

I agree that it does seem kind of nostalgic for American Airborne and British Paras to go somewhere in Europe for a joint exercise. These things can be vital at the darnedest times! Each can know the other's tactics just in case. I'm guessing it is also helpful that all members involved speak a similar language.

It's not the joint training exercise I'm snorting at, Whiters, but the notion that in this missile day and age you could send in an armada of slow-moving, very low-flying transport aircraft over enemy territory Arnhem-style!

The trouble with defence and defence spending is that it is totally pointless, an utter waste of time and money- until suddenly it becomes the only thing that matters.

David, I understand what you mean! If it comes down to who might attack Britain, the answer is probably nobody. For what purpose? It would be a costly fools errand...speaking of fools, neither France or Germany have a need. Easier for them to launch traditional insults. The attack Britain is undergoing now does not involve missiles or planes. It is 60 years of bad ideology and cultural disintegration. Just like what every one of us in the Western world including the fine folk down under are dealing with.

Apparently, we need to spend an extra £20 billion on defence, so that we can remain a world power. I have a better idea. We don't have £20 billion to spare, so let's not be a world power! Problem solved!

Spot on target, BOE, as I would expect from a former member of Bomber Command.

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