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Saturday, 09 June 2018


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What has his hair got to with anything? It is a comment typical of you anti-Trump people.

One can uncross a pair of fingers - never a single one.

Each party has its own challenge come November: the Dems have to refrain from acting insane and the Repubs have to act like they have a spine. A tall challenge for both.

Steady on, BOE, I'm not "anti-Trump". He is an exceedingly eccentric American President and given the inherent power of that position it is necessary to keep him under observation. Anyway, he's a politician now and you will recall Auberon Waugh's advice on seeing a politician on a soap-box, "Always shout 'show us your willy!'"

Sorry, Deccers, sums were never my strong point!

It will be a fascinating election, Whiters.

Betting against Candidate and then President Trump has proved to be a losing strategy.

"his popularity numbers keep creeping up higher and higher"

Not true. An average of all polls still has him lower than January of last year:

Small details in diplomacy should not be underestimated. Trump said he'll invite Kim Jong Un to the White House if next week’s summit goes well. Leaks from the Department of State indicate the two leaders plan to eat McDonald's quarter pounders with cheese and kimchi in Trump's "executive time" bedroom while cursing American newscasts, after which they will do each other's hair.

I think that Mr Trump has played, and is playing, a blinder. In Twitter he has devised a way of talking to the American people that is not controlled by the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. He has let the Witch Finder General get on with destroying the Democrats in the bureaucracy. Yesterday, be dropped a bomb on the Eurotits and their little Canadian friend. We should be grown ups and invite the Russians back into the G7. I can just imagine the looks on the faces of the 3Ms and Trudeau. What a pity it wasn't filmed!

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