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Tuesday, 12 June 2018


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Mr Trump will be available next week, Mrs May could ask him to pop over and sort out the Frogs!

Democracy is too powerful a weapon to be left in the hands of average people. American pols have been calling for Trump to "stand with our European allies". Maybe Trump wonders 'which ones'?

If this happens I for one will never vote again, no point.

Good point, Carol, and welcome to D&N.

YOU brought Blighty to the point where Marxists might be elected.

And YOU put Blighty in the position where Marxism will be unfettered from the restrictions of the single market rules and regs.

And I told you this would happen long before the consequences of 23rd June 2016 became apparent.

Your fellow citizens are intrinsically authoritarian, collectivist, protectionist, nationalist, xenophobic and racist. The Labour party and Tories share more in common across these attitudes than differences.

There's no chance for freedom, Liberty, the rule of law, separation of powers, and democracy now mob rule by plebiscite, aka "the will of the people", sweeps a thousand years of those established principles away, and Blighty's 45 year outsourced arrangement for the continuation of Thatcher's legacy are curtailed.




Take a break and watch the video

SoD. You forgot the plague of frogs!

SoD, as ever there is plenty of blame to go round but perhaps you would do better to point your rude and accusatory finger at those who voted to join the EU back in 1975!

Secondly, you could also point the rest of your fingers at the Euro-fanatics sitting at the feet of 'Mutti' Merkel who have turned what should have been a free market into a German racket.

Still, I hope you and George Soros live happily ever after!

That is a sobering video presentation. Suicide may be painless in some cases, but it is more painful to watch in slow motion.

There is at least one man in London who will have none of it, even though he is wheel chair bound.

There had better be more like him soon!

Here's the paragraph that sums up what Brexiteers walked away from ...

"As Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform points out, the single market was virtually a British invention, enlargement was championed by the UK, we essentially wrote the EU’s competition and state aid rules, and the current wave of European free trade agreements was a largely British-driven phenomenon. Generally speaking, the EU has been a three-way division of spoils – Germany has written the rules on the car industry and manufacturing, France on agriculture, and Britain on finance. Others have had far more reason to complain about lack of influence."

You Brexiteers walked away from the very thing you purport to be walking towards.

That's why you're either liars or thick as a chair leg.

Liars for claiming to be small state, free-trading, pro-competition, open for business Libertarians, when plainly to walk away from Blighty's own creation of that form shows you are nothing of the sort and you know it.

Or chairleg thick for not recognizing the closest thing to your ideal form on offer.

In fact, Brexiteers are precisely a mix of the two.

Remainers, on the other hand, are 50% thick as a chair leg: thinking the EU to be a socialist system and the best opportunity for laissez-faire, Anglo-Saxon Thatcherism to be dispensed with, when quite the reverse is true, and, 50% realist Libertarians: those who observe the underlying truth of the EU's system, as described in the quoted paragraph above.


DT on a roll today, contrast this from Heath with Warner's above ...

Great buildup, analysis all heading in the right direction, then fluffs it up at the end with a sudden descent into chairleg territory.

Should have read Warner's quote of Charles Grant above.


Lordy, some Brexiteers have no shame ...


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