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Saturday, 30 June 2018


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Ahh Marxism! The always present ignorant ideology. Just waiting for new blood.

The Donald is tired of Mrs. May acting like a school mistress and even if he grabbed her crotch he didn't because "look at her. I don't think so."

She's just waiting for the 11th hour, 59th minute, night-long negotiation some time in October.

Everything in between is posturing.

We'll find out who's bluffing then, whether the EU is happy to dump Blighty onto WTO by default, and likewise Blighty.

And if neither want WTO, and the EU won't do a deal, then the fallback is a continuation of the status quo, which she's happy with too. So long as she pays the £40bn in annual £10bn installments, there's four years. Then another. Forever.

After a while everyone might just forget it ever happened.


"as thick as six short Gurkhas"
Now, to me, this doesn't make sense.
Gherkins - she's as thick as six short gherkins ....... that makes sense!

The "Thousand Ideas Reich" ...

How about we limit it to one idea: we don't do any of the other 999 ideas?

And to misquote Bob Geldof, they "give us back our fockin' money" they would have used?


See, it's quite indicative of where Brexiteers Blighty is headed, exactly as I predicted before the referendum.

May is trying to equal Corbyn's "Democratic Authoritarianism": the ownership of the means of production and distribution by the state (albeit democratic).

As we know, it fails, whether done democratically or dictatorially. In this extremist authoritarian form, democracy becomes merely a succession of 5 year dictatorships.

And what might have spared us from this Hobson's choice of "Thousand Ideas Reich" Vs "Democratic Marxism"?

Well, I can guarantee you almost all of the 1000 ideas would have broken the competition rules and regulations of the single market invented by Margaret Thatcher and instilled into Brussels by her apostles. And Jezza's crankpot ideology wouldn't have got so much as a by-your-leave.

Without the single market, Blighty's constitution is like a body without an immune system, and the viral authoritarians are closing in.

I told you so.


Sorry, Andra, it's an old Army saying based on the fact that Gurkhas tend to be as wide as they are tall, thus, six of them in a row would be exceedingly thick, er, in the physical sense, he added quickly, wouldn't want to upset a Gurkha!

SoD, I overslept this morning so I will deal with you later!

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