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Sunday, 10 June 2018


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Interesting to note, ref your comment on "real" free trade, that the Don proposed "zero tariffs" and "getting rid of the whole thing" ref trade deals as his parting shot at the G7 conference.

It's difficult to know what to make of him.

I know Trudeau quickly quipped "What about subsidies?". And as we know so well in Blighty ref the single market: "What about standards?". But really, proposing a single market across the West, while at the same time imposing 25% tariffs?

Which is the carrot and which is the stick, from the Don's inner philosophical basis?


Ref standards, what about clearly labelling products and services, and let the people choose?

When I blither into Sainsbury's looking for strawberry jam, wtf can't I choose from strawberry jams made to the standards of the UK, US, Canada et al, irrespective of which country made the strawberry jam? I choose where I go on holiday, and so I choose my strawberry jam standards then, so why not always?

We could sack 1/3 of all trade negotiators, those who deal with standards, and let them re-employ in something more productive.

And when it comes to subsidies, instead of subsidizing dead and dying industries, why not put in place an income for life and freedom of movement across the G7? Then individuals effected by ailing industries can retrain, relocate and rejoin the workforce without ravaging their savings and avoid crippling stress and anxiety.

Another 1/3 of trade negotiators sacked: those dealing with subsidies. No stress or anxiety for them though, they can take the income for life and keep the ill-gotten gains of their hundred thousand a year prior salaries, and retrain, relocate and rejoin the workforce as something else.

And shake the Don's hand on zero tariffs to sack the final 1/3 of trade negotiators: those blathering on about tariffs.

Why can't we just do this? The logic, reason, and practice is being compelling.


You touch on an important aspect of this debate, SoD, when you raise the other critical factor in trade relationships - subsidies! Another governmental activity beloved of politicians - everywhere!

Subsidies are another example of over extended democracy that should be constitutionally reined in a Libertarian Democracy.

It's just patronage and clientalism of an industry's voters by the pols, conferring privilege and defying equality, to bribe a section of the populace for votes.

The only justified subsidy in a Libertarian Democracy is to the individual who has not the means to cover the big 8 ...


£14k per annum in Blighty. Without these, harm will come to you. Over and above this, for saving and piss-it-up-against-the-wall money, you're on your own.

Simply give the £14k to everyone as an Income for Life, and ditch the industry subsidies - and ditch the so called welfare state that has only systematically abused us for the money 70 years - into the bargain.


Justin Welby meet Henry II - or at least his representative.

Not my religion and not my country but the more I see and hear of Welby the easier it is to see why the pews are emptying.

SoD one of the problems with your "Income for Life" is that a number of people have to work their collective arses off to pay tax so "Gummint" can distribute this largesse to an increasing number of bone idle bloody layabouts who could work but choose not to.

Any society worth its salt will look after its disadvantaged but that should not extend to those who can work but choose not to and live off the taxes of those who do.

Justin Welby holds an ancient title, heavy with history. Maybe to heavy for him. The churches over here that are branches of the Anglicans seem to be dying on the vine for lack of spiritual fulfillment. Other churches are dying as well for the same reasons. The emptiness of secular Christianity will empty pews fast, even the ones with cushions.

It seemed in 1776 most colonists fell into thirds: one was for independence, one third loyalist and the final third didn't care one way or the other. In New England it was a matter of business interest over all and the same feeling was held in large coastal towns down the entire coast. Within the three separate groups there was deep distrust and often bloodshed between neighbors or between towns. The longer the independence war went on and the farther South it came, the more factional the fighting became. Civil wars within an independence war. New England continued to be regarded as a region of deep suspicion even into the early 19th century and the war of 1812.

Even today, there are regional suspicions and even lingering resentments.

Welby thinks something wonderful happened in Europe 1500 years ago. The only momentous thing happening at that time was the fall of the Western Roman Empire. A fall in population followed by all those Huns, Vandals, Goths, Franks, Angles, Saxons and Jutes bringing lots of diversity. I'm sure we could all think of something better that happened since and before the creation of the EU.
As to filling his pews, he'd do better if he preached the Anglican Christian faith as though he actually believed it- why would anyone go to church to hear someone going through the motions. And think of the number of people recently arrived to these shores that could potentially be converted. Perhaps if he got on with that and stayed out of politics it would be better all round.

What was the point of the G7 meeting anyway? Europe plus little Justin see the world differently from the US and see looming threats differently. About Russia? Russia is always a problem and always will be one and nothing will change until Putin drops dead or a friend of his puts a well aimed bullet in his head.

Some of you Brits, along with about 35% of Americans, apparently don't yet realize the American president has no "inner philosophical basis" and nearly no knowledge of history, politics, or government. He's completely anomalous.

Why pick on the Archbishop of Canterbury? Religion is a first-order approximation of science with a single answer for everything: God did it. 2000 years of inculcation have numbed us to its limitations. As science gains ground religion will continue to lose legitimacy. Its modern attempts to intrude into politics will only speed the process.

Welby might care to consider what happened to Archbishop Simon Sudbury. (Hint, his head could be found in the church at Sudbury and might still be there as far as I know).


The £14k is a high minimum wage. So it's paid in the workplace. The money never leaves the payroll department, so the pols can't get their hands on it and sell us a load of bollocks like the NHS, State Schools, etc.

For that £14k you've got to show up somewhere and do a 35 hour week. Only if you've got a sick note do you get the £14k and stay at home.

Otherwise, it's "No show, no dough".


"the American president has no "inner philosophical basis" and nearly no knowledge of history, politics, or government."

Sorry, Bob, but that sounds like the last one, the one before him and the one before him and . . . and so on 'ad infinitum'!

In some places, an earth tremor like this would do a great deal of improvement!

Yes indeed, Whiters, which is why in some respects we owe much to the Luftwaffe during WWII!

That a Sikh is worthy of being a guardsman I do not doubt. But I think a bearskin is as good as a turban for containing his uncut hair. Hence I believe he should have worn a bearskin on parade.

Thank you SoD. No show, no dough is fair enough.

David, how did you get to be so cynical?

It takes years of practice, Bob!

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