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Saturday, 16 June 2018


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Apparently, Chope has a moral crusade against Private Member's Bills and would have objected to motherhood and apple pie if they were to be introduced by such means. He didn't even know what "Upskirting" is.

This action will have zero consequences apart from a media festival of bile against Chope; probably hinting that he is a pervert in favour of such practices. But how often does this "Upskirting" happen? Is it a huge problem? Far better to go after moped robberies or something that really is a problem.

And just have a look at Gina Martin, who started the campaign to get this new law.

"You can look, boys, but only where I tell you!"

By the way, DD, why is your Sunday Rumble rumbling on Saturday?

Er, you do know it's Saturday, Corp?

Gentlemen, don't tell anyone but this morning I think I entered a time warp. I have added a sort of explanation above.

Pollies of all shades of the political spectrum seem to think that their success is based on the number of laws they pass when mostly all they do is help to advance the embuggerance of our society.

If "upskirting" is so obnoxious and prevalent that it needs to be addressed then there are plenty of common law offences still applicable and probably the UK equivalent of one here called "Offensive Behaviour". Such an offence could be used against the perverted types that like to take clandestine photos of ladies knickers without the need for a specific offence. All you need is for the rozzers and the beaks to do the jobs they are well paid for.

Your Sunday Rumble maybe really early in the UK Duffers but console yourself that it is ten hours closer to Sunday down here than where you are with us being around 150 degrees of longitude east of you.

I read that Sir Christopher Chope vetoed this Bill because it wasn't debated. Private Bills usually drop into oblivion, but this one was backed by the government. There was little or no debate, so he chopped it. Anyway, the police have laws that deal with this sort of thing - they just don't bother to use them

Well argued:

Does all this really mean that it is past time for Parliament to adjourn?

David, no law says- at least not yet -you can't attend a pub lunch on Saturday. Claim it is a 'practice run'!

Meanwhile on the beach women are dressed in much skimpier bikinis....

Where are the Sunday Funnies?

Now look here, Fowle, you are not to confuse an elderly gent who is already confused enough - and make mine a large one!

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