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Sunday, 17 June 2018


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This sort of thing may be pissing the Germans off. A situation for which Mutti has much to do with.

We should have the courage to launch a full-scale inquiry into the British spy rot first. That double 0 Christopher Steele blighter and his dossier of lies against a man of spotless background and character literally screams "Perfidious Albion"! No wonder the EU is booting you out.

Audrey was also influential in women's fashion as well. It always struck me odd that her male costars were frequently older than her, eg "Sabrina" along with Humphrey Bogart who was about thirty years her senior. Somehow her 'ratbag' father needed on screen replacements I guess.

The 'social justice warrior' iconoclasts over here are trying to get "To Kill a Mocking Bird" banned because of 'racism' and non pc language. The story that Harper Lee was telling was all too true and the language all too true as well. It is dumbfounding, the contrasts of the attitudes of people who hated the story back then vs the people who knew the story had to be told. Contrast to now and the people who demand the story Not be told vs the people who realized it was very necessary for it to be told. Same with Much of Mark Twain's work.

Our 'Justice' Dept and FBI will have much to answer for as this whole sleazy conspiracy to manage the outcome of a Presidential election comes to light. Then will come the extent of how far many DOJ operators were determined to go to construct an 'insurance policy' against the new Trump Presidency. Some are fighting...that includes some media keep the story from being told while others know it needs to be or else FBI/DOJ meddling in elections will become normal. It isn't.

Evidently some Germans have decided they want to have a chance at surviving as a free, whole German nation and that Mutti is a dire threat. If she is booted out, let her be so with hundreds of thousands of Muslim invaders tied to her. I know she can't be banished-dammit-but the invaders can be. Either they go or there will be civil war...true civilian civil war to do what the elected government will not.

Corbyn, the face of the never ending, will never die off infection that tags along like a leach on the back of Western freedom and prosperity. Maybe he and Mutti Merkel could be banished to some tiny island far far away. Barack Obama could join them. Soon.

"No wonder the EU is booting you out."

If only they were, Bob, but they're using every trick in the book, and some from outside it, to keep us in! Not, of course, because they 'luuurve us', they just want to hang on to our money!

David, sorry about the subject/verb disagreement. It was still early over here. And I'm sure the EU will miss you when you're gone.

I don't know why you witter on about Magna Carta.

Now Blighty is governed by "the will of the people", aka mob rule by plebiscite, Magna Carta and parliamentary democracy are history.


I have Audrey Hepburn's autobiography, which is very good.
She looked like a sweet little thing but was actually a raving sex maniac, or so she says!
It's her book and her life and she ought to know!
So there, who knew?

yeah, me too...I'm just too modest to write about it ;))

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