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Sunday, 24 June 2018


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"back at footie". I have never been a fan of the game but I do wonder, is the rowdy hooliganism that often comes with it the result of too few goals scored thus the crowd has pent up frustration?

If so, England ahead 5-0 over Panama should be a picnic environment unless Panama decides to riot in the stands- or maybe in Panama City?

It's not so much "too few goals", Whiters, more a case of too few brain cells and too much beer!

'The Donald' 1 - 'Mutti' Merkel 0

Maybe, maybe not. Curious, though, the left of the Democratic party has been trying for decades to put selected tariffs in place to protect American labor. They were always sharply criticized by the Republicans and the right as anti-free market and anti-business. That 'R' after Trump's name evidently makes all the difference in the world.

One hundred top films is more than I can do. Top 10 would take a while, but well up there would be "The Lion in Winter", "Lawrence of Arabia" and some more.

The 'Long Good Friday' and 'The usual suspects' head my list, after the immortal 'Zulu' of course...

Football has no place in Scrobs' Turrets, there's too much more to like in life.

Couldn't face the whole of Hitchen's piece- but if marijuana were legal no-one would be buying from illegal dealers. Ditto with any other drug, including alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. The present position is effectively that the government enforces a monopoly on behalf of gangsters. Anyone who wants the stuff can get it, and the gangsters have reason to advertise if only by word of mouth.
The results he prophesies from legalisation are happening anyway.
Prohibition of drugs, like prohibition of alcohol is favoured by Baptist's (too nice for anyone's good) and bootleggers (who profit handsomely).
The war on drugs in the UK was started with the intention of reducing the then 1400 heroin addicts. It has actually increased that number tenfold, and allowed many other drugs to also give problems.
When you've been doing something for fifty years and the results have been the opposite of those intended it's time to change.

"When you've been doing something for fifty years and the results have been the opposite of those intended it's time to change". Good gosh, that could bring most of government crashing down!

Pat, I agree completely. Everywhere it's been tried harm reduction has worked better than any absolutist policy. Too bad most politicians have a nasty habit of making the good the enemy of the perfect. Or is that a more general fault? Well, that's just the way it is.


David, what in Hodges' piece did you find hysterical? He seems to have a fair grasp on the Orange Raccoon Sun God with his tanning goggle mask and tiny but clever hands.

Did you know about this?:

A Senior White House Official Defines the Trump Doctrine: ‘We’re America, Bitch’

It seems self-demeaning to me, but apparently Mrs. May has decided to keep a stiff upper lip and do what she can to placate our wayward shot at having a strongman. Do you think there's any point to it? If so, what? Should you take this challenge, please don't include the words "special relationship" in your answer.

Should be ‘We’re America, Bitch(es)’

I agree with Whitewall in respect to "The Lion in Winter". Laurence of the Shifting Sands was/is a good film about a campaign of inconsequence as the "Desert War" was won by Britain and its Empire/Commonwealth troops.

Zulu also has to be up there with them along with Kenneth Branagh's "Henry"

The suspense is unbearable. When will we have your verdict on Benedict Arnold? The fate of our campaign to have him issued a Presidential pardon rests on that verdict!

Peter Hitchens' views on Cannabis are frequently aired but informed more by stubbornness than good sense.

The war on drugs is totally lost. No benefit arises to anybody from trying to deny people the right to use them except to the vast machinery of state that has been created over the decades to fight it.

The potential benefits of legalisation are extremely numerous:
* The state has no business deciding what the individual may or may not ingest
* properly regulated drugs would be far more consistent in quality and strength and the use of dangerous additives would end. As a result overdoses and other side effects would be greatly reduced
* it being no longer a crime it would be easier to provide assistence to people looking to give up
* regulated and taxed they would become a source of revenue rather than an expensive drain on taxpayers

to name but four.

Exprience in other countries suggests that consumption would be unlikely to increase very much if at all. In fact prices on the black market are so low the clear implication is that already anybody who wants it can get it.

I won't bore you with my best films, but Mr Collin seems to have included what look like obscure and pretentious Japanese crud in his selection. Of course a lot depends on when you first see a film and the effect it makes. I can well remember living in London for the first time and watching Enter the Dragon, one of the Ray Harryhausen films, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I went with my best friend, a would be racing driver, to watch Steve McQueen's Le Mans. And at university we were shown Stagecoach and Young Mr Lincoln, as supreme examples of John Ford's superb directing.

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