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Sunday, 03 June 2018


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Definitely sounds like a Harry Flashman type.

Into the Airborne is fine. How about a few hundred like him watching the dangerous streets of London?

"That very naughty boy who runs the I Hate the Media site" is one description, but "blathering ignoramus" would be more to the point. Much of California is semi-arid desert, and supplying water to the growing population has been a problem since the turn of the 20th century.

Really, Bob, and in that Democratic Party stronghold, who, I wonder, failed to get a grip of water supply/management in the past few years? Oh no, don't tell me - Trump!

The man doth remove the bagged trash pretty well.

By George, the young Wellesley has look of his famous ancestor.

I bet you didn't know there was a photo of the Duke of Boot? : -

As for the Iron Duke not having a sense of humour, well ... His famous retort at the Treaty negotiations after Waterloo, when the French turned their backs on the Brit contingent, "Never mind, we've seen their backs before", is enough that the man need never tell a joke again in his life and die having outhumoured the best of comedians.


David, neither party is going to make it snow more in the mountains, divert a river or anything else that will increase the amount of water in California, which hasn't always been a Democratic stronghold. Remember that Saint Ronald Reagan was governor once upon a time. If HE couldn't make the desert bloom, no mere mortals could.

Mind you, back in the day, I didn't look much better after my session!

So you have improved then?

I can remember when Reagan wasn't a saint. The Democrats said he was "just" a B film actor. How times and opinions have changed.

Writing sarcasm is always difficult.

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