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Monday, 04 June 2018


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Speaking of history:
On June 4, 1940, Churchill gave his famous “We shall fight on the beaches” speech before the House of Commons.

I suspect a speech like that today might cause the speaker to be investigated for breach of peace.

@whitewell Or perhaps more pertinently - contempt

As for the 5th Baron - they don't make 'em like that anymore

"The Yangtse Incident" A film to be found in the library of almost any of the ships I had the privilege to be on. Along with "The Cruel Sea" and a few others of similar content. Couldn't even guess how many times I watched it.

RIP Commander Psalm 107 Verses23-31 would be appropriate for your resting place.

Note that you need the King James version which used to be found on the bridge of almost all of the ships of the Crown.

For an interesting read try "Make a Signal" and "Make Another Signal" by Jack Broome to take you into the fascinating world of passing messages at sea. You can even trace the course of great naval encounters through the signals logs.

"I am delighted to report that Betsey Wynne has not been forgotten as this family photo indicates"

Iain Duncan Smith has been though, hasn't he!

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