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Friday, 29 June 2018


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Photos! One must see this bronze god

One might suppose a bag of bones with a tan looks better than one without.

This morning I scanned Carpenter's cite and noticed that you were the subject of a post. Congratulations. I'm beginning to think you two have some type of agreement. The same-old, same-old head explosions dominated the comments. I don't find them as funny as you do. They're self-centered, humorless, and thin skinned. For the most part that crowd will never understand why they're so easily made to look foolish by their political rivals.

Sorry about the wrong word error. "Site".

Well David, dip yer tall dark and handsome body in some lacquer before you fade!

The Tippling Philosopher must be a hang out for dangerous intellectuals!

Cheer up Duffers. The Sunday forecast for Zomerset is "rain".

I did so love an English heat wave. It meant you could put your Watch coat in the locker and just wear a pullover.

The landlord of the TP has a most apt surname - Belcher. Nice looking pub.


It was just a few months ago you were complaining about four inches of snow.

All right for blighters like you living outside a narrow strip of the East Coast from the Wash to John o'Groats. Here, 500 yards from the bleak sands of Lincolnshire,we've had a job to get higher temps than the very low twenties thanks to cloud blowing in from the sea and a permanent blustery East wind.
Bloody weather!

Glyn, I blame the EU, or maybe the 'Rooskies', depends which side of the bed I get out of!

Nah! It's 'cos Brexit/smoking/global warming. (Perm any 1 from 3.)

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