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Thursday, 26 July 2018


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It is understandable given the horrors of the war that he was hanged. The trouble is that later he could be seen as some kind of martyr. My view now is that he was deranged and in reality a Broadmoor case rather than a Dartmoor.

'Germany Calling' was also listened to in the US via short wave radio. Today we have broadcasts from The Ministry of Truth Fox News from Lord Hannity.

Not to mention CNN (the Clinton News Network):)

Off topic, but I could argue the "WWII by other means" case and link it to Have Haw ...

The European rebel's vacuum of leadership that should have been filled by Blighty is now filled by Steve Bannon!

The project to marshal the rebs, knock-out the German hegemony, and put in place a state-centric EU 2.0 is such an opportunity for power its political magnetism has pulled in a new leader from the US.

It's like D-Day without the Brits. Just leave it all to the yanks, will you, Brexiteers?

What a national disgrace.


Bannon is an American version of Nigel Farage, which is to say he's even more, um, unfiltered. His brand of nationalism will probably only play with the most extreme elements of the European right. He's almost completely dropped out of sight over here. He even lost his job at the far right Breitbart News site.

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