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Wednesday, 18 July 2018


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"like a hawk, watch what he (they) actually does!"

Actually, it's possible to have a general idea of what Trump is thinking. It's something like "I'm the most powerful man in the world except for Vlad, and you're not." At least as interesting are the reactions to him from various quarters; for example Rand Paul, one of the few elected pols who claims to be a Libertarian:

"If there wasn't such acute hatred for President Trump, such a 'Trump derangement syndrome' on the left...," a meeting with a Russian leader could have happened sooner says Sen. @randpaul. The blow back from the meeting, "really shows people hatred for President Trump." — PBS NewsHour (@NewsHour) July 16, 2018

In his case libertarianism evidently means recognizing the beneficence of the Dear Leader or being a hater. The idea that dislike for Trump is confined to the left doesn't even pass the laugh test. There's plenty of 'derangement syndrome' to go around.

Saw an interesting video by Scott Adams basically stating that the Democrat party leaders are willfully whipping up their followers into constant mass hysteria leading to real physical and mental health issues for said sheeple.

It must be sad when all you’ve got is fake allegations and hyperbole to try and argue against a growing economy.

The Republic party leaders would never whip up their followers by claiming the government: wants to take away all their guns, enact Sharia law, invite invading hordes from South and Central America, take their money and give it to shiftless layabouts, stamp out religion, give their jobs to non-white people, wreck the economy by not burning coal and oil, cast our traditional allies as manipulative foes, call the free press "enemies of the people", and so on. Or would they?

The problem with your "retort" Bob, is that the Republican leaders are NOT whipping up the convervatives, because all of what you listed is really happening.
Take your head out of your *sand*

The "sand" is not where Bob's head is!

missred, thank you for making my point. If the Republics said the president was never a legal resident of the United States you might not believe it, but plenty of other "conservatives" did.

The reason for the quotes is that "conservative" has become a meaningless concept just like "liberal" when applied to party politics. "Left" and "right" still have some meaning, but only in a psychological sense. No one can plausibly deny Trump is an apologist for Putin, but there are some on the right who are giving it a good try.

Malcolm has presented a damn good take and summary on all this sewage the MSM, DC Governing Class, and the Dem Party...but I repeat myself...has covered the news with. They have gone completely overboard with hysterics and OUTRAGE! All because Trump was smart enough not to follow script and give them their much anticipated show down with Putin for the assembled media to cover.

Bob: I never made your point. I am not whipped up. I am not one of the currently insane screaming fascist, racist, misogynist, traitor, et al, at the top of my lungs, at the drop of a hat. In fact, I am deeply sad. What happened to make these lunatics thus? Even when I was young and foolish, common sense nor my sanity ever left me. What I see are the media making up lies and repeating them, leaders are screaming "outrageous" at the slightest infraction when they aren't outright lying. And many of my friends are repeating the talking points. That is the clue there, bucko, repeating talking points. If one is a thinker, reader, one doesn't repeat talking points. They have their own points.
BOE: I am glad I wasn't too subtle.


Set aside the perceived insanity of Trump critics, who include many Republics and theoretically conservative pundits. Was birtherism sane? Is an unbounded mistrust of law enforcement, intelligence services, and international treaties sane? How about the dozen or so show trials aimed at demonizing Hillary Clinton? It was rich to see Trey Gowdy, who presided over two and a half years of a Benghazi trial that never produced a single indictment criticizing Mueller for taking so long. Here's a summary of Mueller's results so far; from Fox News no less:

Is right-winger Louis Gomert's congressional trash talking sane? How about all the people who have quit or been forced out of the Trump administration for bad behavior including my favorite?:

If your (and Whitewall's) point is the right is always calmly right and the left always insanely wrong, we'll just have to agree to disagree. By the way, I am a member of neither. I don't even claim to have a minimal philosophy anymore. One thing I've learned from reading this blog is that all philosophy is worthless. I still hold a few political principles, but they don't include accusing others of insanity. That's just a meaningless conversation stopper.

Point of information, Bob. The original "birther" was in fact Hillary Clinton.

"Watch what he actually does"

Keeping Vlad of the belief that the Don is really his friend was made overwhelmingly convincing by the Don's contradicting his own security services. What a brilliant move that was.

Even the Don's subsequent "double negative slip-up" retraction will see the Don send a private message to Vlad saying, "Sorry Vlad, had to say that to get the meeja and Goppers off my back".

"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" never saw such a masterful implementation as this.

Meanwhile the Don's actions quietly illuminate the true friends and enemies landscape: Javelins to Ukraine, Nord Stream 2 to be cancelled, 100 Rooskies booted out for May, Vlad's soldiers in Syria squished, Vlad's mate Iran under the cosh, and Rooshia labouring under sanctions that will never be lifted.

But Vlad believes he is the Don's friend, and so staggers on in the hope that the Don will deliver.

After this term and the next Vlad will discover there is no delivery, and there never was going to be. He's been sold a pup.

And then the Javelins will fly in Ukraine, Nord Stream 2 will be cancelled, the Israelis and Saudis will zap Syria and Iran ploughing countless Ivans into the sand into the bargain, Rooshia will go bust, and Vlad will be hung from a lamppost in Red Square as the Rooskie regime collapses and changes.

Vote him back in for a second term, USA.


And is there any surprise at the Remainers getting their way? I have always assumed that the vote would be rendered null and void, they've just taken rather longer to do it than I had thought. In fact, I wish they'd simply done it straight after the vote and done an empirical count which would have turned out int heir favour. You don't imagine that government represents the will of the people, or that the will of the people is in anyway taken into account on anything, do you?

I'm so tired of the mess. We gave our opinion. Leave. We should have done it by now.

Maybe PM May will take Trump's advice after all when it comes to the EU and just sue the bastards? Trump doesn't know the Courtly language of St. James but he does know basic American speak.

Odd how every time PM May eases herself toward the hard Brexit members, there is immediate 'uproar' among the 'softies' and the Remainers? Uproar is just another word for OUTRAGE!


The claim Clinton or Clinton's campaign started birtherism has been debunked many times. Here's just one source. You can find many more:

Snopes is hardly the poster boy for objectivity, Bob.

Besides, they are heavily laden with word-smiting.

Sod you overlooked to mention that with the agreement with Israel and Russia to get Iran out of Syria (there was a story in the speccy) Trump has handed Syria to Vlad thus leaving him bogged down for years. Another masterstroke.

It is becoming increasingly clear that while you migh not like his style, the outcomes are impressive testimony to the benefits to be had by electing non-politicians.

I agree, Cuffers.

Here's the great scene from the movie, which Michael Corleone has lured the enemy into a meeting by displaying weakness and backing that up by asking for friendship ...

Is the Don going to whack Putin in the meeting in October?

I don't mean the Don pulling the trigger personally, of course, but maybe a hit from a long distance sniper, a la Kennedy, that has plausible deniability all over it. Just blame it on a nutter, rogue element, whatever. Another controversy that lasts forever.

Then the Javelins fly in Ukraine, the Israelis and Saudis wipe the Rooskies out in Syria, the Jerries cancel Nord Stream 2, etc. etc., all of which, you may have noticed, is by proxy with respect to the US. An entirely laundered suite of events that Putin's successor cannot pin on the US.

You heard it here first.


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