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Saturday, 28 July 2018


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A well done piece! Ad this for a bit more volume:

Thanks, Whiters, looks like a good read which I will do later.

Mr. Scruton is a living cliche. "There is the vital battle to defend fundamental institutions, such as marriage and the family, and to counter the censorship of all opinions that express an attachment to our cultural and political inheritance." Oh, the victimisation inflicted by "others" who don't share his particular views - which are impeccably correct in all circumstances because he's a philosopher, which axiomatically makes him smart! This snowflake probably owns a fainting couch and a survival shelter. Or he's just selling books. I'm really not too sure.

Even better: "The rude, raw, “let it all hang out” freedom of the Californian hippies was in fact the most censorious and oppressive of societies that I have encountered." Yes, the monstrous hippies, born in the dank mists of the 1960s who, each and every one, wanted to enslave mankind! How perfectly awful! The defense contractors and political hawks that wanted to send them to Vietnam and Cambodia were, we can assume, all wonderful fellows. Mr. Scruton might even postulate the Viet Cong and Khmer Rouge loved freedom more, if he thought about them at all. Christ. I'll expand a bit: All philosophy is opinionated, meaningless crap.

By the way, your 'Darling Ann", with whom you dream of reproducing, was a "dead head" back in the day; a hippie who followed the band The Grateful Dead while taking dozens of acid trips. It just goes to show how well generalizations about large groups of people work out.

You're a tad 'agitato', Bob, has 'The Don' done something to upset you? Surely not, he's always so polite and kindly!

Scruton has a first class mind and the ability to express it clearly. Whether you agree or not is your choice. As for 'MDA', if your description of her early life is correct then it shows extraordinary intelligence and determination on her part to rid herself of those errors and aim upwards.

David, this might be some of the nit wittery Sir Roger was talking about:

A never ending battle to control, manipulate and bastardize the English Language. They have a purpose for doing so.

David, no. Not agitated, but having fun shooting fish in a barrel. No one who already doesn't want to believe Scruton will be convinced by his lack of context.

On the topic of controlling language, Donald Trump speaking at the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention in Kansas City, Mo.:

"Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's happening."

So what do you want to believe, him or your lyin' eyes?

Bob, use of language...Trump's verbal gymnastics 'triggers' no one. The SJWs "as you know" is a deliberate exercise in 'triggering'. The two are apples and oranges.

Whitewall, considering the sometime silliness of academia funnier than a crude attempt at Orwellian language is your right. We disagree that Trump's is not an attempt to trigger, however. Trolling and triggering are two of his favorite pastimes. Have you read his tweets?

Bob, I've read most all of them and have yet to be 'triggered'. Those easily
'triggered' by Trumps's tweets tend to be less educated, less emotionally stable and too well credentialed.

This 'silliness of academia' sure has managed to fasten itself in all of Western academia. Not a coincidence.

Whitewall, we agree academia can be silly and might agree being triggered always is. In a way academia should be silly, since it's where a lot of creative people work and creative thinking is risky. Post-modernism was on a roll while I was in college. It was hard to believe anyone could take it seriously.

I'm fairly sure Trump was trying to trigger and troll the media. Most reporters are smart enough to recognize Orwellian language but not smart enough to ignore it or make a constructive criticism. They're just stuck with reporting his outrageous remarks.

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