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Thursday, 19 July 2018


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If you had given your arm there’s a role in another TLJ film you could have. The Fugitive. Actually, that was in the tv series with David Janssen, don’t know about the movie.

TLJ had the necessary accent and didn't need much practice anyhow. More than a few of us here in the American South can talk that way and sound that way. It ain't actin'. Just talkin'.


Lo' Whitewall ...

"It ain't actin'. Just talkin'."

Yup. An' although I ain't been as reglar in attendin' as I onct was my Momma's fambly an' her gen'ral kin an' rightly neighbors still gather before the bitterweeds an' the waspers get too anxious.

May is when it is ... Third Sunday lessin' my whiskey has got me misremembering on account of the las' time I parceled in the cemetery an' all them chiggers an' ticks.

Anywise come May I can generally be espected to be heralding some as I say, whiskey in the gen'ral likelihood of Staggs (cemetery) as that's where my Galloway kin restes.

I makes my apologies for lightin' y'all ona Facebook link as, comearoundabout the time all the foofarus started up 'bout all our statues and memorizes of our kin that's been there awile being needed to be took down by our betters my regular source for information concernin' Decoration Days got encumbered to the same place David O. Dodd is likely to be findin' hisself, if he ain't already, since last I looked.

Jes' all talk now Whitewall as I expect you know. Only us menfolk keeps to heraldin' the whiskey as nowadays it seems the womenfolk are more concerned with outshowin' which one did better with the green bean casserole and the pork chops.

I knew it! I knew it! Cormac McCarthy is really 'JK' in disguise!

David, you would need a lot of practice to do TLJ! Many English actors can speak proper American upscale, but downscale is more difficult.

JK, it's nice to read some normal English for a change! Speaking of womenfolk outdoing each other...we have such an event coming up on 'her side' August 5th in upper South Carolina's 'cotton belt'. An odd time for a family get together, but down there, the field crops are mostly in, the cotton is getting up, hay is cut and some even rolled or baled. School takin' up is about 3 weeks from, time to get together and tie on a major feed bag! We men tend to get everyone and everything there and the women take over. In the mean time, we gents go outside and talk about the above, swap gross exaggerations of the truth, keep out of sight of our wives. We also survey the back of the church, Sunday school building and pay close attention to the grave yard. Any recent additions have to be figured out and just who he/she was and how they got there and why. Then we sit down and eat 'til we 'touch the table'. After all this, the women still are talking, clearing up, and taking pictures. We gents try to catch a quick nap. I like to get home before dark. My wife mostly sleeps on the way home.


Possibly McCarthy isn't at his best with 'Blood Meridian'. I could only get about a third of the way through. His reproduction of 19th century American English is probably accurate, but it gets as boring to read as the King James Bible. But then you like Will, so give it a try to see how big a fan you really are.

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