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Tuesday, 24 July 2018


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The "Winds of War" are agonizing to the parties involved. A few miscalculations and it's off to the front. Another way of entering a war is more direct, like having part of your Navy bombed while in port. Not much doubt as to what comes next.

"...they were, after all, a democratic society whose government were answerable to their electorate."

Democracy, i.e. the vote, doesn't prevent destructive social upheaval, militarism or authoritarianism. There are liberal and illiberal democracies. Turkey, Hungary and Russia are examples of the latter, and there are too many others:


Of course there were a number of other players in the game besides the UK.

If, for arguments sake, the political leadership of the UK had done everything exactly right (have you stopped coughing?) would Dr.Lamb have concluded would that have been enough to prevent the war?

Hank, there's certainly enough blame to go round even if the French, for slightly excusable reasons, deserve most of it. However, IN RETROSPECT, it is now clear that if a sensible reparations deal had been struck Hitler would have found it very much more difficult to gain power. The rest, as they say, is history!

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As we signallers would put it: WAIT OUT.

Well done, Richard, but as another ex-signaller my usual words were, "Can't get through, Sir!"

Zero, has the port been delivered. Zero Minor, Wodger Out.

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