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Friday, 06 July 2018


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"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves”. One state at a time. One country at a time.

The cancer has a name, Duffers.


And don’t forget that the sainted Nobel Peace Prize recipient Barack cut his political teeth in Chicago.

I've seen plenty of Illinois politicking up close, and the article is silly and overwrought. Illinois' problems are somewhat more entrenched than other states', but they certainly don't represent a failure of democracy. The most powerful dynamic is the push and pull between Chicago and the rest of the state, which for the most part is rural and conservative. It's always been difficult to agree on the distribution of resources and taxes at the state level. Illinois is not unique in this. Other states have declared bankruptcy for similar reasons, usually during economic downturns.

The authors would like to blame everything on politicians, public employees and average citizens. This is not exactly original or unbiased. A look at who edits 'Wirepoints' shows they are mainly two men who call themselves "fiscal realists"; one of whom spent 16 years with Citibank, one of the most predatory banks in America, and a venture capitalist. Just regular guys, eh?

You mean, Bob, a couple of guys who understand money and how to make it!

No David, I mean a couple of rich guys who look at life with a limited and self-entitled point of view. I've known a few of them myself.

What do you think? Does the economy exist to sustain people or do people exist to sustain the economy? Maybe you think there would be a mutually beneficial relationship. Not everyone else does.


It's not that bad.

And it is worse.

As Bob notes there are a few problems with that article.

My father explained the thing many years ago.

In the old days politicians were on the take, but they had an informal rule, don't take so much that there won't be some to take next year. Or a buss9ness school person would say manage the enterprise for the long term. This had the side effect that ordinary people had enough money to live a reasonable comfortable life. -- For the last few decades the have been using the take all you can get and run. Leaving the small guy in trouble.

There is still enough base left to rebuild. But will it happen????

All fingers crossed.

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